Bedroom design and coloring ideas that can become trend in 2018

How often you consider the importance of bedroom design and colouring ideas. This is a place where we switch from our busy lives to restful night’s sleep. But often we spend least money, as kitchens and sitting rooms hog your attention. You have to pay some attention to your bedroom design.

Artfully tailored bedrooms, enchanted canopy beds, and ingenious design go a long way with the right creativity and eye for design. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite trends that we honestly, cannot get enough of.

Here we explore the new season trends that will be playing a key role in how we transform our bedroom decor.

1. Dark brooding colour

dark bedroom colorsNowadays choosing the color for our homes has become bolder, first for living rooms next followed by kitchen and now is been for bedrooms. To set the scene we have to think less duck egg and more emerald green and you have to nail the bedroom colour palette for 2018. For bedroom decor, these braver colour choices will feature on both walls as well on bedding. Like brooding violet, night sky navy and striking emeralds green are all the key colours. If you won’t wish to have dark colours or the bed lines in your bedroom, then you can try draping romantically dark velvet throw over the top of your lighter sheets.

2. Woven furniture:

Woven furnitureNatural textures will be playing a key role in the interior designing in this year. The rattan pieces makes a new waves in the bedroom, this is been both durable and lightweight as rattan is a staple craft material, particularly for the furniture as well as for the baskets. Leading way for this retro resurgence is been habitat with its range of bedroom furniture, where handwoven bed within its range combines rattan stems with a different thickness for a light design with a distinctive shape. This design will perfectly demonstrates the look of the modern bedroom design, with a headboard and a footboard these both will wrap around the edge of the mattress.

3. Perfect imperfections:

bedding colorsThe elegant watercolor print on the bedding looks beautifully when it is laid back when not ironed to perfection. Now there is trend which emerges a beautiful imperfection. Now we are speaking about imperfections, theirs is a growing trend for the natural easy handle textiles where they don’t need to look too perfect. The lines and the brushed cottons on the bed lines are been the perfect bedding to create a sumptuously soft sanctuary for relaxing. The imperfectly perfect bed look is the big news in this year. ‘The key to creating an informal style with luxury linens is to keep it simple.

4. Well -being and mindfulness:

down time bedroom space designs You have to admit a fast-paced lives, where our bedrooms are one of the most sacred downtime spaces, yet so often they are overlooked and not conducive to a good night sleep. In this year, we predict all will want to take back this sacred space to help better rest and recharge.  You need to adopt a technology which curfew at least two hours before bed and avoid bringing screens into the bedroom. In this technology world it’s very easy for the laptops and smartphones to creep into your sleeping spaces, but they will affect our brain stability and will produce slumber-inducing melatonin, you should treat your bedroom as a space in which the world shows you down, away from the fast and frenetic pace of day to day life. Just buy rushing around will creates an underlying anxiety, but when we take it down a few gears, we will be flooded with an overwhelming sense of calm.

5. Soft lighting:

soft lighting bedroom designsThe bedroom is the most important room to get the lighting right. The lights should be kept to a low level at least an hour before lights out, to help our brains adjust and make it easier to drift off to sleep. You should select the right lightening scheme for your bedroom which helps to achieve a tranquil and a relaxing space for your dreams. Pendants are the popular bedroom choice as they add a dramatic decorative touch for your bedroom design. A feathery pendant is the perfect selection in addition to any bedroom scheme. Texture will helps you to diffuse the light, keeping it romantically ambient in the bedroom settings.

According to the residential interior designers in Bangalore designing of the bed room in well executed way will help to keep your mind at peace and to come out of your outside tensions. A person with a good sleep can have a good day, So design your bedroom with the best interior designers in Bangalore have a good day with good sleep.

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