Interior design trends prediction for 2018- 4 ‘IN’ things this year

The New Year is here and the year is almost 1 month into its adulthood. And with a whole new year, there is going to be so many design trends, innovations and advancements in each and every sphere. Now, among the fields that usually undergo quick changes in trends, interior designing happens to be an important one. Over the last few years, interior designing has revolutionized the way home decoration has always been viewed. And all over the world, interior designers Bangalore included, have come up with newer design trends and strategies, making the field all the more enriched. Now, if you are already wondering as to what is in store for 2018, here is a list of the 4 ‘in’ interior design things that are predicted to be dominating the year

1. Bold Colours for Lively Look

color schema for interior designInterior designing trends of 2018 will welcome bold colours like never before. Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore are of the opinion that people are getting bored of the neutral shades that are classy but monotonous at the end of the day. So, accordingly, colours like dark red, vibrant blue, and green will be used to deck up homes and make them look vibrant. After all, a bright home will light up the lives of its inmates better. The neutral shades will not be completely gone but mostly restricted to the background areas and so on. And for homeowners who are not so comfortable with the really dark colours can start with rugs, pillows, cushion covers and sofas in bold colours just to get acquainted with this trend. So choose the color wisely to your interior.

2. Aspirational Spaces to Stand Out

Aspirational Spaces

Now, that’s a very cool trend that has been predicted by several recognized global interior designers. Bangalore homes are warming up to the idea as well. Aspirational spaces refer to how the person/family wants to feel at home. The designing is based on this feeling which can be intimate, professional,cosy, relaxed or energized. It has been realized over time that the decor of a home has a lot to do in how a person feels while at home. If you speak to some of the best interior design companies in Bangalore, you will realize that the designers ask you to communicate your choices entirely based on your personality. So,home decor will no longer be done to impress friends and relatives but to echo your own mood and feelings.

3. Experiment with Wide-Plank Woods

wooden planks for interior design In almost all spheres, especially art and creativity, old things tend to come back in a new shape. And the gradually rising trend of wide-plank woods proves that the interior designing field is no exception. The use of wide-plank woods will bring back the rustic and vintage charm that homeowners often look for. Instead of the set standards of width, random width installations will be preferred. This trend is already being practiced by some of the best interior designers in Bangalore who do it for clients with homes in exclusive locations and a taste for the old world.

4. Vintage Accessories and Antiques

Vintage Accessories and AntiquesIn tune with the just mentioned trend of wide-plank wood, there will be an emerging trend of vintage accessories as well. The best thing about these accessories and antiques is that they always tell a story and easily become the centre of attraction in a home. A piece of vintage accessory wipes out every sign of the conventional and the boring and lights up a space immediately even with otherwise plain surroundings. However, this trend needs careful application and is therefore, better handled by the best interior design companies in Bangalore. For instance, if you want a collection of vintage accessories to be placed at different spots in your spacious living room, you have to make sure that all the accessories represent a certain era. Going for random collections that fail to represent a historical time or tell a story would totally undermine the importance of these unique pieces.

The interior designing landscape is continuously undergoing a lot of changes allowing interior designers to come up with new design trends every now and then. While these will be the top 4 trends or so called ‘in’ things in the field of designing, a lot more will surely come up with time. However, it is always advisable for you to consult a professional interior designer who can not only help you understand the trends but also guide you on what would be best-suited for your home. Because, after all, a beautiful home just the way you want it is the most precious possession ever.

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