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Urban living is one of the desirable Interior Designers in Bangalore. We deliver creative interior design solutions from turnkey projects to budget friendly residential and Commercial design venues. We come-up with all types of traditional, contemporary, minimalistic designs. We are one of a kind in our Works and provide your space with elegance.

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Residential projects

We provide attractive interior designing solutions for your dream house and beautiful Apartments. We make you fall in love with your home from our designs.

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Commercial projects

Have your Office space or retail space designed by Urban living- One of the best interiors in Bangalore. We design your space ensuring maximum space utilization for your work.

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Turnkey projects

Get your space a makeover with our inspiring ideas. Transform your house into a dream home at affordable prices.we incorporate your preferences to create spaces that you feel comfortable.

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Our process

We always process with desired timeline that are setup initially. That helps our clients to understand the work we are doing.


(Design with distinction)

Our team of creative designers work on a rough draft with the client on various elements such as theme, colour and the style of decor. The final designs will presented in 2D drawings along with 3D renderings to the client.


(where dimension takes shape)

We build and execute glamorous kitchens, stunning false ceilings and many more. We use modernized equipment and machines to build a high range of accessories. Our designing experts transform dreams.


( Its reflection of good design )

With our 3D renderings you will imagine your home before your step in our advanced technologies in designing give you a realistic feel of how your home would look like after completion.

Onsite Supervision

( We are efficient enough)

Frequent site visit will be conducted by our project managers and supervisors to ensure that settings of the home interiors are a hassle free and pleasant experience.


( It's not an act, it's a habit)

As we treat Quality as critical component we only use the finest materials and finishes in all our projects. Urban living stands for Quality and perfection.


(creating the art of stylish living)

All products are delivered before the deadline and will be installed by our fully trained installers.

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How do I build a cool environment in the kitchen?

Kitchen is always designed for Food, Fun & Relaxation…it’s the place where the Family gets together to have a formal meal in the table. The Kitchen is the heart of a Home. It is an integral part of every house. In any kind of interior design, Kitchen will be a most important aspect. The Kitchen is not only a place for cooking as it constitutes a lot of functionalities includes Dining, storing Kitchen equipment’s etc. Modern kitchens are designed to combine the functionalities with the stylishness and aesthetic essentials. Modular Kitchen provides Stylish designs that include kitchen cabinets, storage and other accessories. Modular kitchens are not only convenient to use, but it’s also comfortable to use. At Urban Living, the Interior designers in Bangalore offers Modular Kitchen Designs Bangalore that provides you with well-planned storage and overcome space constraints to make your Kitchen look beautiful and well – organised. Here are some of the methods to provide your kitchen a cool environment

1. Exhaust Fan

          The ventilation provided by an exhaust fan, treats the air quality of a kitchen. It ensures that the problems of grease, outdoor smoke are not found in the other part of the house. This includes an equipment of extractor hood / canopy and filtering systems. The exhaust system’s fan may be located in the Kitchen or in the ducts.  By providing this facility in the Kitchen, the temperature in the Kitchen can be brought down by replacing hot air with cool air, it removes the cooking fumes at the source and air movement in the kitchen makes it comfortable. This is most important part to fix in the kitchen room because; if it is not provisioned (OR) fixed then, you’ll find that the wall of the kitchen will get covered with thick black colour grease .So, it’s absolutely essential to fix an Exhaust fan in the Kitchen for every house.

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2. Chimney in the Kitchen

          Chimney is a structure which provides the ventilation of hot smoke from the gas stove or boilers to the outside atmosphere. Chimneys are vertical structures to ensure the flow of gases. Earlier, chimneys were installed only in large buildings. At present, we can observe the chimneys in independent houses also. The chimney can reduce the dispersion of the pollutants over a greater area. 3. Kitchen Ventilation           Every house builder will provide (OR) at least make a provision of a window which can be opened in the Kitchen room. If we open those windows mainly during the time when food is being cooked (OR) prepared, smoke will disperse out and fresh cool air will flow in. So, it’s always better to keep your kitchen window open but not during noon time.


We the modular Kitchen interior designers in Bangalore provide various modular interior designs as per the latest trends but functional as per the needs of each individual client. We often help you to identify and source the equipment that would make cooking a wonderful experience. Modular design creates smart storage solutions. We at modular kitchen Bangalore are at your service for all Kitchen needs.

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Interior Decoration to go with Interior fit-outs

Interior fit out can be described as process of decorating the interior space to make it suitable based on your interests.  Creative interior designers will help you in outreaching your expectations which include the installation of all the required elements of the home from Planning to Executing and delivery of the project. From Installation of A/c to furniture, lighting, ceiling, painting, furnishing, choosing of the colours comes under interior decoration out fits. In this article we want to light up some of the important interior outfit decoration ideas which gives more elegant look to your home or office interior. Placement of Small Lighting Small decorative items and accessories can make a huge impact in interior designing. You will be amazed by seeing how our creative lighting ideas will give a new look to your interior. When it comes to lighting the interior living room and bedroom needs the major concentration.  Lighting of the living room starts with small ceiling lighting ideas. Uniform light distribution throughout the room is unreachable which uses the general illumination. Planning for rational local decorative lighting with spot and directional way gives greater look to living room. When it comes to bedroom lighting should create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere using soft, flattering ambient light while providing bright spots in the places where they are needed. Choosing the colour of outfits You may be confused in choosing the colour pallet for your interior outfits which fits best to your wall colour and style.  It needs some trick to pick the perfect colour schema, darker colours for floor, Medium colours for wall and lighter colours for the ceiling gives the more elegant look to your interior. As the best residential interior designers we follow the rule said by designer Mark McCauley to divide the colour pallet based on your choice of colours. This rule divides the colour components gives 60% priority to dominant colours, 30% to secondary colour and 10% to accent colour when choosing the colour pallet to interior outfits. Build customized storage with outfits In interior designing, designing of the storage space and planning for storage with outfits is major aspect. Especially when it comes small spaces planning for customized storage in kitchen, bedroom and living room require major concentration. The major outfits of bedroom and living room such as sleeping beds and sofas can be used as the storage units. This requires the design of customized furniture which includes drawer channels and storage cabinets below the bedding. Not only bedding the space below the stairs, corner of the stair and walls can also be used for the storage purpose with the customized storage designs.

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Customized furniture Most of the people will be having vision of decorating their home in a customized way. If you are planning for the customized furniture design you need to examine your personal style and you should know how to express that style. Then only a designer can take the following steps to give the perfect outcome based on your input about the shape, colours, textures and detailing of the furniture. Furnishing Bed linen, Blankets, bath linen, Curtains, Pillows and covers, Mattresses, Cushions, Rugs and carpets comes under home furnishing. Choose these furnishing items with best colour pallet which matches the wall colour of your interior. It will be different the different interior areas and taste of your choice. Wall decoration to tell what you are You can use walls to bring out your personality and taste with customized wall decoration ideas by using different wall decorating items. Other than painting the wall you can use wall papers, wall cladding, and wall murals for your interior walls which give more attractive look to your walls. Including this you can also decorate the wall with wall arts, Photo frames, and hanging your favourite things.  Indoor plants Indoor plants are healthiest decorative item which can be used in interior decoration. Adding the plants in interior decoration not only increases the beauty of the home, it also keeps the freshness inside the home. You can use potted plants or cut flowers to decorate. Plotted plants can be with a group or single in the living room corners or wall of the living room. Cut flowers can be used in colourful glass vases on the table. Above mentioned interior decorating ideas best suits for both residential and commercial interior spaces. Designs will be keep on changing based on the trends, thoughts, and taste of the person, the thing you need to keep on updated with the new trends. Renovate your old home with new design ideas, keep it trendy, and hire best interior designers in Bangalore.

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