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For Apartment Interior Designs, there are a lot of steps involved right from the right concept to the implementation. We design residential apartment interiors including living room, kitchen, flats, house, and many more with the landscape designs as per personalized services. We will create your home with comfort in mind and also create an attractive space & ambiance.


The first step is understanding the client’s requirements before working on the apartment – at Urban Living Designs, an interior designer in Bangalore. This is the main phase which comprises of planning the apartment interiors. We will design as per your lifestyle, we collect your requirements by understanding your design ideas. We record and convert your thoughts to the workspace. We may ask you many relevant questions for your apartment interior designs. Along with this, we want you to hand over the existing inventory of furniture and interior design reference images which may have inspired you. The budgets and timeline will be discussed before beginning any work. Before advancing to the next phase, as an architect, we engage the other professionals like electrical, woodwork carpenters, plumbers, and such other consultants if at all they are required for your whole apartment interior design.


In the second step, we brainstorm creative ideas and list them out for inclusion in your apartment design brief. Space Planning, arrangements of furniture and selection of color shades for your apartment walls are critical inputs in this phase.

All the above details of your apartment interior design and the concept will be discussed with you. Flooring, Decor, and ceiling design ideas will be finalized. Countertops and window treatments will also be included in your interior design as per the plans. As per the apartments available space, we plan and create unique patterns for every apartment’s interior designs with a specific focus on location and lifestyle.


The apartment plans will be reviewed whether it is 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and the concepts are finalized at the advanced stages. Once the apartment design and drawing sketches are finalised, we meet the client again to propose our design. The final plan detailing will be done along with the ordering of furnishings. Required fittings and equipment will be ordered.


The next step, as an architect we will also consider previous construction drawings carried out for the apartments and determine issues during the construction documentation phase, all the sketched drawings will be detailed thoroughly. The intention is that every interior design visualization will be known before the work is being executed. The job rate of the interior design will be priced precisely as the above illustrations are elaborated with every complete detail. The interior designer contractor will be able to calculate the working hours and equipment required with other resources to execute the same. Timelines will be discussed & frozen. These proposals are reviewed so the pricing accuracy and other features are fulfilled.


Finally, we start the execution process wherein the designs on paper get slowly transformed into brilliant practical fit-outs.

As the best interior designers in Bangalore for apartments, we certify and guarantee that as the ideas get materialized and there would be a smile on your face. As we supervise the work being executed by sub-contractors, it will be guaranteed that the work will be completed as per the plan you choose. All your anxieties will be addressed by scheduling the meetings with the client once a week. After the construction is being completed, the delivery of new furnishing and installation of artwork creation will take place. If any minor corrections are required, it will be addressed. You will be instructed to take enough care for your apartment satisfactorily by the interior designer so that the life will be enhanced and damages can be controlled. As repair work costs are very high; you need to take the necessary safety and precautions to minimize or prevent loss.

The new fixtures and designs can be managed and maintained for many years by following the guidelines shared by your apartment interior designers. Hence, you will be able to get enhanced service from an architect cum interior designer who will be present right from the conception to the completion of your project. When you are aware of the different phases involved in setting your work-space, you will be able to deal confidently with an apartment interior designer. At Urban Living Designs, apartment interior designers in Bangalore, we ensure and deliver quality interior design services as per current & latest trends, with creative and innovative ideas.

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