15 Things you should know about Interior designing

Interior designing is the combination of both art and science, where an interior designer understands the requirement of the people to create a functional space within a building. Now a days interior designing is trending, everyone wants to design their homes based on their behaviour and taste in a customized way. So it is most needed for everyone to know about what are the things or stages involved in interior designing.

Process Of Interior Designing

The first and the foremost thing is you should know the process of interior designing. It can be termed as series of steps taken by the interior designer when working on an interior design project. Process flow is an important aspect in the execution of any project. So when you are selecting an interior design company for your home or office first you look into the process flow of them, if the process flow is good then you can expect the best output from them.

Here I want to explain you about the process of interior designing you has to look while choosing the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Analysing the key requirements

Analysing the key requirements is very important factor and the basic step an interior designer has to take before starting the designing process. Key requirements for the interior design differ for each and every project based on type of the space weather it is commercial (office) or residential or apartments or villas. And it also differs based on the Sq. Ft. space available for interior designing.

Four major key requirements one should concentrate are,

Wall colour




Create relationship diagrams

It’s a diagrammatical representation of relationship between the selected space and elements. In this process an interior designer mainly concentrate on the function, noise and light. The function of a space or an object mainly depends on        where it positioned within the building. For example when positioning the furniture we need to concentrate on the direction of the light and position of the furniture to avoid noise inside the home. Best interior designers will concentrate on all these factor where preparing the relationship diagram.

Creating a concept design

Based on the relationship diagram and the inputs from the client interior designer will start looking into existing designs which suites the requirements, which makes the work of client and designer easy to select and implement the design. If no one designs suites the requirements then we start designing customized, conceptual design based on the requirements. When creating the designs it’s very important to keep the eye on the key elements and it should be simple, attractive and understandable to client and it should contain colours or textures, images, text samples of objects to communicate ideas to the client.

Taking feedback from client

After the design process is completed it is very important to take the client feedback before proceeding with implementation stage. Because sometimes Clients are often indefinite about what they really want they confuse you also, so it is important to present your design concept in a positive manner and highlight the benefits of the design to the client. And it is your responsibility to convince the client with your design because most of the clients change their decision often between small time intervals. This is your major responsibility after they hired you!!

Design implementation

It’s is the stage of giving life to your design and seeing how it’s really look to make your client happy. This stage involves several sub divisions like ordering the materials, hiring the required staff for each department.

Ordering of materials

Ordering of materials involves the choosing the best colours, furniture’s, cloths and all other different materials required for wardrobe designs, kitchen design, living room design and cabinet and work space design when it comes to commercial office space design.

In these selection of the furniture is very imperative,

How to choose furniture for interiors?

Before going to choose the furniture it’s important that to which space you are choosing the furniture weather it is living space, bedroom space or dinning space.

Irrespective of space the major things you need to concentrate before selecting the furniture are

Measuring the space available and looking into the door ways

Measuring the space available and looking into doorways helps to select the perfect dimension furniture’s which fits the available space by keeping the eye on surrounding elements.

Type of the furniture

It’s important to decide which style of furniture suites your architecture and the interior design theme such as modern, traditional or casual.

Modern and contemporary furniture – this kind of furniture make use of neutral colours like white, beige. Which make use of glass, metal and shiny black lacquer instead of traditional woods.

Traditional Furniture – These are the formal look furniture with complete traditional wood details like rolled arms and skirted bottoms.

Casual Furniture – Casual furniture are friendly and adaptable to all types of spaces. To get the complete details about the types of casual furniture and to buy those from https://www.pepperfry.com/furniture.html

Colour and type of fabric

While choosing the furniture colour and type of the fabric is also an important aspect you need to look into. Colour of fabric must match with the paint chosen for the walls of that specific area. When choosing the type of fabric chose luxurious, high quality materials which give more comfortable feelings and tend to last longer than cheap quality material.

The most popular different types of fabrics used in manufacturing the furniture’s are

Linen – Made from the fibers of the flax plant mainly used for bedding and table cloths.

Wool – Obtained from sheep and other animals , It is very soft wavy or curly usually has undercoat mainly used in bedding.

Silk – This is a very soft and delicate material. Mainly it is not used for furniture bedding; instead it can be used as covers to give royal look to your furniture’s.

Cotton – Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a boll, which is mainly used in traditional bedding but it may not be as glamorous as velvet or linen.

Leather – It is a durable and flexible material, which will be available with wide variety of texture, quality, sturdiness, and sophistication.

Ordering of the materials will not only includes the furniture required it also includes bedding, curtains, different wardrobe accessories, kitchen accessories and the materials required for wall decoration, flooring, ceiling  etc.,

How Usage of mural in walls of office interior helps to enhance your business?

Mural is a type of art work painted or applied directly on the walls. This helps to give life to your imagination. Make your wall look beautiful by decorating your walls with murals.

You may think how these can help to make your interior look good. Here I want to list out some reasons why it is good to use murals for walls and ceilings.

Gives unique look

As the murals are made according to the specification by the artist it will be unique for every business based on the thoughts and goals of business. Usage of mural are most common in business sectors as they give a business a unique stand out from other business.

Grabs the attention

A picture is equal to thousand words, we believe that nothing conveys your company’s attitudes and beliefs more than art, a wall mural is a great way at capturing potential customer’s attention and making them identify more with your business with the specified art about your business.

Mural can also be used in residential interiors to give the natural lively look to the home. Usage of mural in accent walls or kitchen, or pooja room is the best choice.

How we design 2BHK, 3BHK and private villas

Now a days most of the people specially newly married couple and youngsters looking for 2BHK, 3BHK or private villas. Because they believe that having spacious home bring peace of mind and provide more space to accommodate the things they love. Designing of the 2BHK, 3BHK and private villas mostly depends on the taste of the owner, size of the family. But here we the best apartment interior designers in Bangalore want to give some important suggestion how these types of spaces can be designing in a well-structured way with effective utilization of the available large space.

The master bedroom

Master bedroom will be common for all types of family, most common elements of master bedroom design are false ceiling, furniture’s designs, lighting, wall decoration, wall colour, air conditioning and sound system if required. These are the elements where an interior designer need to concentrate while designing the master bedroom.

Kids room

The family owing a 2 BHK or 3BHK house plan for the kid’s room. The major aspect need to consider while designing is proper ventilation is available or not. Choosing the bright color for wall, bedding and furniture makes the kid’s room look beautiful. Wardrobe designing of the kids room should be in such a way that it is accessible to kinds.

Media room/ Library

This is optional; this room design will be based on the requirement of the client. The people who love music want to have separate media room and the people who are interested in reading books want to dedicate a room for library.  When it comes to media room design placing the TV, home theatre, DVD player, Projectors is very important. Designing a room as library is simple, but planning for the proper lighting is important. In this you can create a beautiful work space which helps some times when you working at home.

Guest Room

Guest room also important in the house for the people who visits your home parents, friends, relatives. No need to go for high end designs for this space, just simple and eye catching designs are enough as it used vocationally. Using recyclable we can design this room and we can make it look beautiful. It will be a great pleasure to welcome the guest.

Apart from the bedroom designs 2 & 3 BHK houses or villas will also include living room design, kitchen design, pooja room design, bath room design. Designing these spaces is common for all kinds of homes. Refer our previous article for the complete details about living room designs, kitchen designs, pooja and bathroom designs.

I hope this article will help you understand the complete process and procedure of interior designing and the most important stages involved in interior designing. We being the best residential interior designers in Bangalore design your home or office in a highly customized way with the proper process flow. For the complete details about our work and services visit www.urbanlivingdesigns.in

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