5 Innovative Ways to Design Your Home’s Entrance

You will be having only one chance of making the first impression of your home as the best impression. You can create a favorable impression of your home by its best entrance design. So it’s very important that the entry to your home look beautiful and welcoming to guests, reflects your style and also makes them feel very happy and comfortable as soon as they walk into your home. It is hard to find a well-balanced entrance to one’s home due to lack of emphasis on this area. Remember, the entrance to your home is the introductory point and it should not be anything less than perfect!

Here in this article we are as the best interior designers in Bangalore list out some of the tips to design your home entrance:

1. Classic double doors:

Classic double doors and deep wooden hues set up a grand entryway for your home. The console, contrasting artwork and the touch of crystal through the chandelier bring opulence to your entry space.

2. Antique door:

Reminiscent of traditional Indian homes, teakwood entry door with a heavy frame features exquisite carvings, a vintage lantern and wooden flooring to give a sneak peek of what follows inside. This gives a traditional look to your home.

3. Entry passage with plants:

Lining the entry passage with lush green plants and creepers on both sides will elevates an architectural detail like the clean-lined pathway. While the door should have a minimalist design, the wooden pathway brings another nature-inspired element, along with the foliage.

4. Three way entrance gate:

If there is a huge place at homes then there are several benefits like more decor, better arrangement and also increased free space and many more. You can make the best out of such free space by just producing a creative entrance for your home. The door opening offers three options to the visitors-walk upstairs directly to the bedroom, move forward to the dining area and hallway or shift towards left to sit and talk with the family members in a small sitting area. This is the one of the best entrance design idea.

5. Use colour and other design tricks to pull eyes through your space:

Consider a guest’s first view of your space and pay special attention to designing the farthest point of that view. You can design your wall across the front door painting with the bold accent colour, or you can add attractive art or lighting or anything else which will capture the attention. So that it will pull literally into and through your home, by creating this feeling that they want to stay awhile and explore your space.

Before doing interior design for your home you should do research on new home’s style and you have to add the appropriate architectural details to make your home entrance attractive and beautiful? Follow these above tips to design your home entrance. Urban living is one of the leading Interior designers in Bangalore, We create  unique and fresh residential interior designs which matches with your taste and life style, thereby providing  a classy ambience.

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