5 Interesting Tips to Revamp your Bedroom

There are so many brilliant ideas out there when it comes to home decor and interior design that there is no need to live in an old, drab bedroom when everything is getting upgraded. The internet means that we now have a wealth of knowledge and resources at our fingertips, and there amazing DIY tutorials on everything from how to whitewash old wooden furniture to how to reupholster a headboard.

The ever increasing popularity of homespun decorating ideas and craft DIY projects has led to more and more people reinventing their personal sense of style over and over in ways. This means that you can keep up with the trends season after season and keep changing things around. The trick to this however is to have one or two classic designs in your room.

We being one the best residential interior designers in Bangalore wanted to suggest some of the best decorative ideas to your bed room which can be done by yourself. If you’re looking for the complete renovation please go for the best interior designers in Bangalore.

1. Make Your Furniture Look New

furniture to your homeMake an impact in your room with new furniture. All you need to do to freshen up your existing furniture is hardware and paint. If you’re looking for something shabby chic or vintage romantic, paint your furniture egg shell white or a creamy white colour and distress the furniture with sandpaper or wool.Changing the color of walls also add new look to your home.

2. Cupboard Revamp

cupboard revampTurn your old decrepit cupboard into a work of art. A great resource for ideas may get it from interior designers or through online. There are millions of wonderful ideas including wallpapering the inside and panels on the outside or simply applying a bright coat of paint with softer accents to make it look aged.

3. Change Up the Decor

chavge up bedroom decorOut with the old and in with the new. Donate or sell your old bedroom decor to make room for new stuff. Find stuff you enjoy looking at, like a new piece of artwork, interesting picture frames or a nice flower vase for fresh flowers. For a different perspective, use floating shelving and arrange them in an interesting design on your wall.

4. Light up your life

light up bedroomLighting really is everything. With simple changes from cold white to warm white light bulbs, a move from harsh overhead lighting to more subtle ambient lighting you can totally transform the atmosphere of a space, and the way it feels. Softer hues and gentle patterns also go a long way to transform a bedroom. You can take the suggestion from the best interior designers Bangalore to make your bedroom lighting great and ambient.

5. Freshen Up Your Sheets and Bedding

Freshen Up Your Sheets and BeddingIt is better way to change your bedding sheets regularly to male your room to have great looking. There are so many great home stores where you can shop around for the perfect mattress for you and your bedroom, and online shopping provides you with speed and efficiency. Go for professional quality and have a large selection of mattresses that will fit your needs.

These are some of the tips to revamp your bedroom. Arranging and decorating your bedroom may be difficult but by making use of these tips you can revamp your bedroom. We being the leading interior design company in Bangalore will help to make your dream home come true. We always focus on flexible solutions and space management. Our residential interior design ideas best fit for the all the areas of home, with the best bedroom decorating ideas. For more information about our services visit urbanlivingdesigns.in

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