5 Interior designing trends you can easily add to your home

Interior designing trends keep changing every year, and this year is no different. According to Apartment interior designers in bangalore, it always pays to stay aware of things that are in fashion when it comes to home design and decor. From colors and materials to finishes, shapes and ideas, you need to know what is popular currently if you want your friends to envy your house. This way, you won’t get bored with those same old walls and furniture anymore. You will also get a new perspective towards life, when you gift yourself a home which looks more inspiring and appealing than last year. So, here is what the best interior designers in Bangalore have to say about 2018 design trends:

Spaces that make you feel what you want to feel 

Having a home like everyone else is out. Hence, it is not enough to put together some stylish furniture and plush textiles and call it your home! You need to give each space a certain personality. It can be energetic, romantic, laid back or productive, depending on what you want to feel in that room. And this is where interior designers in Bangalore can help you out.

For instance, a large modern bathroom mostly rendered in white can open up to a balcony with the help of a massive glass window if you want it to look relaxed and fresh! Or, you can introduce sleek and dark furniture along with industrial style lamps in your study to make it look professional. If you want your bedroom to feel like a tropical paradise, using shades of green, yellow and blue can be a great idea along with a few potted greens. The possibilities are endless!

Go bold with colors 

With every passing day, more and more people are finding the courage to express their choices and preferences in life. Hence, being bold with home decor is in vogue currently. Naturally Apartment interior designers in bangalore suggest that you use more bright and vivid shades of green, blue, purple, red, and yellow in your home. Take a break from neutrals and pastels, and experiment with colors that look lively.

A good idea to go bold is with a bright yellow, red or blue couch in an otherwise neutral room and pair it with some vibrant rugs and flowers. Or, you can paint one of the walls in a dark hue and keep the furniture a mix of bold and sober hues. Painting window frames and doors in teal, leaf green or burgundy can spice things up. If you are hesitating to go bold at first, try experimenting with sculptures, vases, baskets, lamps and candles in bold hues.

Love for natural materials 

The best interior designers in Bangalore feel that homeowners these days are more aware about the environment and are increasingly choosing natural materials like wood, jute, cane, and stone to design and decorate their homes. Salvaged wood is very much in when it comes to making cabinets and shelves too.

 You can either go big with all-wood furniture, or start with small things like coffee tables, shelves and stools. Wicker baskets in the living room and bathroom can be a great idea to store magazines and laundry respectively. Jute rugs in the living room or bedroom can offer warmth the natural way. Natural stones can be used to clad a wall artistically, and garden furniture can be in cane.

Vintage charm 

Vintage furniture and accessories are pretty hot now, according to interior designers in Bangalore. From colorful and old-fashioned shelves and cabinets to vintage rocking chairs, quaint sculptures, pots, mugs and jars, you can try decorating your home in countless ways.

For instance, pairing a baroque style corner table with thick vintage candle holders can look very charming. Or you can add a freestanding Cheval mirror to your bedroom for an antique finish. Sadie Arch mirrors, ivory pew benches, rustic side tables, vintage door panels, and antique clocks can add much personality to your home decor as well.

Mixed metal finishes 

Different combinations of brass, copper, bronze, and nickel for finishing of hardware is very much in these days. Darker finishes are mostly popular for door handles and knobs, light fixtures, cabinet handles, and metal artworks. Just make sure the finish you choose goes well with the color of the furniture and the decor style of your home!

So, armed with these ideas and with a little expert help, you can make your home trendy and interesting in no time.

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