5 Ways to Upgrade & Update Kitchen Cabinets for Cheap

Is your kitchen design style has become old? Finding ways to give your out-dated or builder grade kitchen cabinets a fresh new look? With some simple changes you easily add new life to your unexciting space, if the basic strength and structure of the cabinets is in good condition.

You want to give your kitchen a new look but worrying about the expenses? Don’t worry; just go through the ideas below if you have a budget constraint or if you are not ready to knock down the whole kitchen. These are some of the affordable ways to update kitchen cabinets for cheap.

Introduce color

kitchen cabinets color

Add small dose of colours to your kitchen cabinet doors to give it a positive look. To add richness, mix up colours on upper cabinet and lower cabinet or some sections of your kitchen in which you would like to add colour. Commission an experienced interior designer for the job who can give you a good finish. You can also laminate some sections that will complement the colour of the existing kitchen cabinet design.

Remove overhead shutters

open kitchen cabinatesRemove some overhead kitchen cabinet shutters to create open shelves to break the monotony of opaque cabinets. Converting your ordinary cabinets to open shelving helps you to lighten up a heavy, closed-off kitchen. Creating openness upgrades the look of the kitchen and provides some display space for your favourite kitchen accessories and crockery.It is the one of the best way to organize the kitchen to make it modular.

Add glass door insets

Add glass door insetsCreating a cut-out for glass insets within the fully panelled kitchen doors is another way to upgrade kitchen cabinets on a budget. Inserting glass doors can completely transform the look of your kitchen. You can also opt for glass that is clear, frosted or etched. To reduce the cost, you can consider glass film on a clear glass to get a frosted or etched effect. Give a finished look to your existing kitchen cabinet doors with two or three coats of wood paint.

Install backlighting

Install backlightingTo sum-up warmth and style into kitchen design, install some under-kitchen cabinet LED lighting. It not only improves the overall look of the kitchen but also provides brightness and adequate lighting for food preparation. You can also go for dimmable task lightings so that you can make it as bright as necessary for doing prep work.

Change the hardware

kitchen hardwaresBy replacing the old knobs and handles with the new ones, you can make your kitchen cabinet doors look new. You can also use sleek designed knobs in finishes like stainless steel, chrome and nickel if you are looking for a modern and sophisticated look. You can go with stainless steel as it is the cheapest and strongest hardware material that is resisting to rusting. Also make sure to match the size of the old handles so that new handles fit it into the pre-drilled holes that exist on the cabinets. By replacing the your old kitchen acessories with new modern kitchen acessories makes your kitchen look beautiful.

These are some the cost effective ways to make your kitchen interior brand new. So, if you are looking for best interior designers in Bangalore to renovate your kitchen interiors, go with urban living designs as we are one of the leading modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore. We build kitchen interiors according to the new trends and timeless designs. Know more about us @ www.urbanlivingdesigns.in


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