6 Office Design Trends to Follow This Year

Designing an office in a structured way will help to keep the office environment and employees motivated and inspired. Nowadays, the thought and the work that go into designing an office is as extensive as designing the home. Because Most, of the time we spend time in office on any given working day maybe even more time than they do at home. If we compare workplaces today to those of around a decade ago, there’s now a lot more thought being put into the way we work, and how design or re-structural changes to the office environment can boost productivity for a more efficient. In this article we are explaining some of the office design trends you need to follow this year:

1. Collaborative workspace design:

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Teamwork is a major key to success in any company, and encouraging more of it is only a good thing. More and more offices are working on introducing collaborative spaces where colleagues can gather, put their minds together and share ideas. To really get the most out of these areas, ensure there’s plenty of tools around to help these meetings become as productive as possible – including interactive white boards, tablets/laptops, projector screens and comfy seating. Designing meeting areas keeping all these things in the mind is one of the rending office design ideas.

2. Authentic design:

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The sudden surge in demand for authentic design right now is the ability of a designer to portray the commitment of the organization to its core values. Our job would be to create the physical environment that echoes not only what the leadership stands for or its employees but also the clientele they cater to.

There’s no standard way of going about this, the key way forward would be to listen in carefully to what is asked of from the client. By gaining an understanding of the history, mission and objectives we can go ahead and create a design centered on these elements.

3. Technology integration:

office interior design companies bangaloreTechnology is the driving force which changes the way people and business operate. With a technologically enabled office setup, your employees can work smarter and also faster, both of which are quality beneficial for your business.

The key for you to use technology is to help your employees address potential issues that are related to collaboration, communication, project management and also other critical business areas. When, you thinking to integrate technology into your office design, you have to make sure that you will include all the things that are required for the employees such as screens for presentation, video conferencing and many more in the proper place will maters a lot.

4. Inspiring walls:

office interior designers in bangaloreOne more pop artsy trend you need to follow in this year is that of bold wall art where it tells a story or makes a sort of connect with an individual. Some of the spaces can be embellished with the cool graffiti and pop art styled walls. It surely brings a contemporary and also gives a diverse look for your design concept and also permeates a space with a character.

5. Dynamic design:

interior designers in bangaloreNowadays flexible working space is a trend we expect to continue to gain the prominence in 2018. The limitations of relying solely on open plan offices where they frequently been exposed and been providing a multitude of working environments which is increasingly being seen as the answer to the problem. Modular furniture is improving, offering lightweight and stylish options when building actual walls isn’t an option.

6. Biophilic designs:

office interiorsBringing the outdoors, indoors. Biophilia is a hugely popular design trend at the moment, and focuses on incorporating elements of the natural environment into buildings, in an attempt to improve health and well-being. With the use of natural materials, textiles, patterns and colours, as well as an improvement in natural & artificial lighting, acoustic comfort, and many more elements it is thought that biophilic designs in the office can increase productivity by 8%, well-being by 13% and an increase in creativity and as a result.

You may think with regard to beauty designed workplace can motivate your employees to no end.  Take some time to reflect on the kind of culture, values, talent and also processes that will defines your organization and also incorporate these factors into overall look of your office. We being the best office interior designers in Bangalore keeps all these points in mind and execute your office design in a well customized way by concentrating on your industry standards. So design your office interior in a well-organized way, increase your employee’s productivity and stay happy.

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