Accent walls – Do’s and Don’ts

To break a large room, to emphasize a particularly great architectural feature or to bring a sense of extra-ordinary in a completely ordinary space, an accent walls can be a perfect way. It can give you a perfect look by bringing in textures, patterns and colours. Also these walls offer a beautiful contrast and liven up a room.

Because of their flexibility these easy and stylish coloured accents will always be popular. There are a lot of painting options for your wall as well as other surfaces and materials. Every Residential interior designer in Bangalore helps you out to add an accent wall touch to your dream home.But before proceeding to add these types of walls to your home, you need to know what is mean by it.

What is an Accent wall?

Before, diving into adding an accent wall it is important to understand what it is and how it should be used. So this is one unique wall which is different in colour than the other walls in the room or sometimes even a different texture. It adds character and depth to the room or help in dividing spaces. Generally, it might not be the entire wall, but instead a portion such as surrounding a fire place.

There are many different ways to all colour to the walls accent wall are one among them. Here are some the do’s and don’ts you should know.


Think outside the box when you are thinking of adding your new accent wall. Think about the variety of ways to use paint colour on your wall and you are not limited to simple wall paint covering the wall.

Do Survey on accent wall even if you are keeping your room neutral. You can work on neutral colours on accent walls as a bright one. In a neutral colour scheme, a dark brown wall is just like a wall which conjures up visions of bright red or blue.

Consider the colour on your other walls. To make your wall best in colour, you can adjoin walls in a light to medium shade. You can also balance these type of wall colour with neutral colours on the other wall. Consider a contrast of a bright accent wall against white walls which looks very modern and even stark.

You know that you can also find other ways to use an accent wall? A new trend these days is to add colour to the ceiling also. So consider ceiling and add it as your new accent wall. You can create Accent ceilings with soft colours or even vivid colours.

Choose the right focal point for your accent walls. These types of walls are one with special texture can benefit rooms which don’t feature any Architectural look. An accent wall should be used within the focal point of the room, not by itself detracting from the focal point.

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Don’t hesitate to use bold colours for your accent walls. You can choose whatever colour makes you happy as long as you have the right accents around your room to coordinate with the new colour.

Don’t forget that paint is not one and only option for an accent wall. You can also consider stone, bricks or tile for your accent wall. In a room that lacks an architectural feature and lacks storage, you can make use of extensive shelving which also works as an accent wall. You can also include a gallery of photos or artwork or even a fabric draped wall.

Don’t forget there are gorgeous choices for accent walls such as wallpapers. Without a long term commitment, the latest temporary walls can give you a designer look. Also temporary wallpaper is a clever way to personalize your home for renters and you can look out for wallpaper with pretty designs and colours for a chic style.

So, these are some of the Dos and Don’ts you need to consider while adding an accent wall for your home. Also, it’s easy that anything can go wrong with an accent walls. Shades that are too dark, colors that don’t complement each other and hues that are just too distracting for the eye are the things that can cause problem with your design. So, always take help of an expert who has good knowledge and experience in interior design. We being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore create unique designs and help you to play around with in your home.

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