Architectural Psychology: What does your home say about your personality?

“Your home is the place where your heart is’’ the reason why I am saying this is because your home is the expression of your personality. The walls of your home depict the journey of your life. Going by this every home has a story of its owner. Your home reflects your personality and your way of living life.

Your home speaks a volume about your choices and behavior. You need to choose the things very carefully as they are going to make a long-lasting impression on your guests. Your home design could be a wonderful way of telling your life story to the world. One could easily get these home furnishing items at easy rental to create an impact.

Let’s check out some latest trending ideas, which you can use for home decors.

Welcome to the – “House of traveler”

Small things you collected on every trip is now to be used in decorating your house, which will pose you as well traveled person in front of your guest. Many people collect fridge magnets of the country they visit so, more the number of magnets more is the international travel experience. Your international exposures will clearly be depicted in your house.

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“Your home is incomplete without books’’- said by a ‘Bookworm’

If your life isn’t accomplished without reading or at least that’s what you want people to assume about your personality then immediately order a fancy bookshelf for yourself. A nicely arranged bookshelf will speak volumes about your passion for reading. If you don’t want the same old brown bookshelf because it is cliché then you can go for a super funky or colorful bookshelf.

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Flaunt your luxurious lifestyle

If you are the one who believes in living life king-size then you should probably showcase it through your home style/design. You can decorate your living room with some antique piece of art. It will give an elegant and ultra luxurious look to your home. Try adding some latest and trendy things this will enhance the overlook of your home hence, showing your social status.

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Breathe fresh with a green balcony!

In this life full of hustle-bustle and pollution you wouldn’t mind filling up your nostrils with some fresh air. You can buy some exotic plant varieties and decorate them on your balcony. You can also add some garden furniture on your balcony. This will give a classy look to the balcony. If you like hosting weekend parties at your then your balcony can be the perfect show-off of your eco-friendly nature.

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Let your walls speak the language of colours/ Make a splash of colours on your wall

Let the colours of your wall speak your thoughts. The colours of the walls not only say a lot about your personality but it also affects the internal energies of your body. Some colours could be motivating enough to start your Monday work with a lot of enthusiasm while others could be dull or boring. These colours will depict your personality traits. Try out some vibrant colours such as green, yellow, and orange. In fact, you can also try out some trendy wall arts.

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Your home designs will leave an impeccable impression on your guests and will certainly strengthen your social status. So, it’s high time you start renovating your home with high-end products and all the latest technologies. If you do not wish to spend much then you can simply get furniture and other things on rent and pay a minimal rental amount for these high-end products.

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