Ceiling Makeover Ideas that Works and Doesn’t Burn Your Wallet

Today ceiling is the focal point in any house and is considered as the fifth wall in interior decoration.  Painting or adding a design element to it can give oomph look. Here are a few ceiling makeover tips that will blow your mind!

Home is where the heart is and we go that extra mile to give our home that cozy, chic and classy look. “While people put in a lot of effort to procure that right piece of furniture, perfect accessories, that right blend of colors for the rooms, they tend to ignore the ceilings,” feel prominent designers in Bangalore. Time has arrived to change this thought process. Decorating a ceiling is a great way to perk up space. Interior designers in Bangalore suggest a few ceiling decorating ideas to add charm to your house.

Ceiling Makeover: What is trending?

According to some of the best interior designers in Bangalore, many prefer simple white ceilings. Though white ceilings are elegant, there are plenty of other ways you can design the ceilings. According to designers, whether it’s a kitchen, a bed room or a bathroom, a creative and neatly done design could offer the space an instant facelift which impresses onlookers. Below are some of the ceiling makeover ideas suggested by the experts at Urban Living, one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore:

Add splash of colours   

The first and most popular way to make ceilings look beautiful is by adding a splash of colors preferably bright hues such as pink, emerald, orange and yellow. You can also opt for black. To leave a lasting impression, include some furniture or accessories of the same shade in the room. You can also go for contrast colors. Choose a bold color for the ceiling and light shades for the furniture or vice versa.

Applying decorations or painting the ceiling in diverse stripes or such as wooden panels can enhance the glam quotient of your interiors. Also, custom-designed ceilings are an excellent way to add depth to a space. Use unique geometric structures and patterns to get that unique look.

Go for wall papers

Wallpapers are a cool way for decorating ceilings. Wallpaper either with a metallic sheen or pattern or even your favorite hue can add a wonderful texture and depth to an otherwise dull looking ceiling. You can opt for pink floral patterns for a girl’s bedroom and some bright shades for the living room. This can be done easily with the help of a good interior designer.

Cover popcorn ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are a major worry for most house owners. Removing a popcorn ceiling is a daunting task, so the best way is to cover it up! There are many proven ideas to cover popcorn ceiling. For instance, you can use  panels, wooden planks or tiles to cover it and make the roof stylish and appealing.

Choose tiles

Using  tiles indeed is the easiest and cost effective option to add an attractive component to a drab looking ceiling. You can use plain or decorative tiles as a covering option depending on the room and your budget.

Cheap ceiling covering ideas for large spaces

Decorating a large space such as a basement can be very difficult especially due to the cost and effort involved. Designers suggest that the best way to do this is to go for black! Painting the entire ceiling with solid black color can give it that modern and elegant look. If you are looking for an alternative to drop ceiling in basement, watch out this space. We will discuss this in one of our future blogs.

The dimension of a room, available space, etc. must be considered before going for ceiling makeover. As designers say, ceilings offer wonderful opportunities for decoration and they should not be ignored. So next time when you think about home improvement look up!

If you are looking for Aparment Interior designers in Bangalore, villas or homes, talk to us right away. Our experts will tell you how to make drop ceilings look better without burning a hole in your pocket.

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