Difference between modern and contemporary interior design styles

If you have been around the design stream, then no doubt that you have heard these terminologies- “Modern” and ‘Contemporary”. These two words are often been used to describe architecture, home style, furniture and many more. You many think that both the words are one and the same. Are they both similar? This questions is been haunting home owners for years. Well, in general while describing many things, they may similar, but in interior design styles, Modern and Contemporary both have a quite different meaning.

So let us first give a definite meaning to these terminologies. As described by some of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we have summarized the differences between Modern and Contemporary Design styles.

Modern V/S Contemporary

  • Modern interior design refers to the specific era i.e. between the early to mid-twentieth century design styles.
  • It was recognized by its clean and unadorned interiors. In this style use of wood, leather, teak and linen were prominent.
  • In modern designs, furniture moulded plywood and plastic were more popular. To obtain an airy feeling, furniture is very open and raised off the floor. To add an expansive feeling, the walls are often painted white.
  • The floors would be normally undraped, and if the floor is cover with rug, they are typically wool and neutral in colour.
  • These days’ Modern interiors are generally referred as Retro designs by most of the Residential interior designer in Bangalore.

So now you have an idea about what is Modern Design. Then, now what is Contemporary Design?

  • Well by the definition itself, contemporary refers to existing, present, current or living at the same time.
  • That is exactly the same use of term in Contemporary Interior Design. It is nothing but refers to popular or which is used right now.
  • Contemporary design includes homes with large windows with unique or odd shapes.
  • Natural elements such as fir, cedar and stone are used as finishes. The details are unadorned and are used clean lines.
  • The most important key values in a Contemporary home are Comfort and sustainability.

Also most of the mid-century modern designs are so popular that nowadays they are being incorporated in Contemporary designs by many Interior designers in Bangalore.

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Differences between two interior design styles

Yes, there are differences between these two terminologies because while contemporary involves many variations in its interiors, modern follows a strict style format.

  • Contemporary interiors follow minimalist trends and mark a bold starkness while on the other hand Modern design is restricted to its clear-cut or cold look.
  • Contemporary designs styles have a palate of black, grey and white in its design and even if colours are added they would be pure saturated tone like true red, indigo or orange. Whereas in Modern design colours lean towards either neutrals or hue and has shades of rust, brown and olive greens.

Since Modern design is strictly stick to mid-century designs, contemporary designs have the advantage as it forever adopts for the latest trends and includes things like expansive windows, plane floor areas and many more.

Similarities between two interior design styles

Being different in terminologies also, modern and contemporary have similar characteristics that can be found in both styles. This is why there is confusions in usage of words when trying to distinguish them.

  • Both interior design styles incline to simple and uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean lines and artistic flair. This is very inviting as it gives a more comfortable and calmly feeling in the room.
  • Both designs are similar in furniture styles as sofas, chairs have exposed legs. Also reflective materials such as metals and glass are given more importance.
  • Woods are prominent for designs in both styles. You can find exposed wood from architectural beams to raw wood with metal bases.
  • Also both Modern and Contemporary styles follow the same motto, i.e. ‘Less is More’.
  • Both the designs prefer for open floors concepts providing large areas of floors with gorgeous finishes with an idea of open airy living.

So these are some of the differences and similarities you will find between Modern and Contemporary Design interiors. You can opt any of these styles for your dream home as they are unique in their own styles and give a traditional and trendy look to your dream home. Just hire a best interior design professional. We being one of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore help to design your dream home with our trendy design ideas.

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