Easy ways to decorate your house this summer

Summer is here and it’s time to get ready for some fun. From making vacation planning to hit the gym, you try out everything to live fresh. Then why not take some time to tweak in your interior spaces in the season’s energy. With some simple tricks you can transform your home into luxurious retreat. We being a Residential interior designer in Bangalore have shared some of the  summer ready decorate ideas to revamp your home at a minimal cost.

Add Plants

We can easily think of many ways to decorate our home. But when decorating, we always miss one thing, which is adding plants. Plants provide fresh environment to your surrounding and helps you to have some fresh air to breathe. You can research the kind of plants that would thrive indoors. It helps in easier breathing, reducing stress and clean and purified air. It is also a good way to feel connected to the outdoors is to bring it inside. Adding the plants inside the home helps to reduce the summer heat inside the home.

Light up the surrounding

Thinking of getting your house ready for summer? Then one of the simplest style updates is to make the most of your indoor lighting. But it’s important to consider where the natural lighting is falling, when highlighting certain areas of the room. If you want to create a brighter, more open feel within the space, whether it’s a natural background or a moody paint effects, the colour of the wall and use of lighting is essential.  Play around with the lighting in the form of focus lights for a glam set-up.

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Recreate varying themes by purchasing glimmering mirrors, regal trunks and royal ‘jharokha’. Opt for floral-themed accents and minimalist geometric-patterned mirrors for summer. Use colourful wall shelves as functional accessories and also add some funky fabric chairs, vibrant vases to quirky lamps to accentuate your home this summer.

Another brick in the wall

Wall papers save you the additional cost you would incur on decorating the wall while making your wall look brand new. You can find a plethora of creatively designed wall papers to choose. You can also get your own customized wall papers. Be it your bedroom or office, décor your wall with wall papers.

Designer ceiling

Add elegance to your home with the designer ceiling. As of in India during summer, the roof of the house will always be as a hot microwave oven, but by installing ceilings you can reduce some of the heat coming from the top inside your home.  Some ceilings such as simple-yet-aesthetic, gypsum-based designer ceilings take only two weeks to set up. These ceilings provide multiple lighting options to suit your choice. Track lights particularly are ideal for kitchens, living rooms and gallery spaces and can be easily adjusted at varying angles.

Blind out the sun

Keep out the hot summer air using Curtains and drapes. They are not only easy to find and add an old-worldly charm to dull spaces but also keep the warm sunlight out of the sight. Curtains paired with sheers can give your versatility and flexibility in the summer months while drapery material is heavy and dark. You can also drape around poster beds to magnify their regal appearance and can be utilised as colourful partitions within large rooms too.

Lastly, summer decor is all about finding a right balance between relaxation, enjoyment and liveable interiors. Try out these tips to freshen up your home interior. We being one of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore help you in creating your own interiors with our best design and decorate ideas for your dream home with our design professionals.

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