The bedroom, for a girl, is the place where they escape to for a wonderland adventure. It is where they have their best of dreams or, sob their hearts out when their heart is broken. It is where they have their most romantic conversations. A girl’s room says a lot about them and their personality. A girl with minimalist yet aesthetic furniture would be completely different from the one who has pounded her room with furniture. Here are some ideas that have come from the interior designers on giving your room a personalised look.

Colourfully aesthetic

If you want to give your room a colourful essence, you can choose the colour green to paint your walls. Not only does it ooze out aesthetic appeal but it also makes your room look beautiful. You can add minimal furniture like the bed, and a few accessories to make the room complete. Interior designers suggest white furniture with a tinge of green to go with the room paint. This gives your room a functional look.

Creatively multi-purpose

Sometimes all you have is a small room, which needs to become your study room, your bedroom as well as the place where you sit with your friends. Interior designing companies have the perfect idea to transform your room into a multi-purpose one by adding just the right amount of fun elements. You can have a small study space by the window. If there is a wall that can be the partition between the bed and the study area, well and good, else create a partition. You can have a side table to keep your night reads by the bed and have a cute little carpet donning your bedroom. A small swing in the bedroom or probably a nice couch or bean bags of the right colours can make it the apt place for your friends. Paint your room with pastels, and have nice and comfortable cushions all over.

Custom printed walls

If you don’t want to play with the furniture, interior designer companies suggest you opt for custom printed walls. That will help you make your room look aesthetic and colourful. You can even have graffiti done on the wall in an urban style to deck up your room.

Opt for lights

If you are not too much into painting, you could probably have the right set of lights for your room. You could add some lights to your wall. Neon lights or marquis light signs can brilliantly set up your room, and make it look attractive.

Storage can be fun

Sometimes the storage portion in the bedroom can light it up completely. To combat the messiness in the room, you can attach the storage to your sleeping space. A short stair converted into storage, and the bed placed at the top of the stair can be a splendid idea. Climbing the stairs to reach the bed can be fun for the girls.

Love these ideas? Get ready to implement them at your home the next time you are planning to revamp your existing structure.

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