An all-white wall may sound romantic to most but not to one who loves colours. To him, that one colour wall sounds a bit off and boring. A lot of people tend to paint their entire house in one colour, which can look simple but it doesn’t have much for the eyes. Why not trying something different? What about going beyond one colour for the walls?

A lot of people have tried their hand at different colours for the walls like two-coloured walls or, different colours in the different rooms, etc. Go funky with the incredible two coloured or multicoloured walls that reflect your personality.

Try contrast

Not every colour is from the same palette. It would be interesting to pose contrasting colours in your room for an exhilarating experience. You can have a red and white combination or something that is in stark contrast to make it look bold and impressive.

You can even choose from the pastel and use bold palettes together to create the ultimate contrast. A lot of people have given their rooms a contrasting shade, which has ultimately turned out to be classy and nice.

Choose from pastels

Pastels are fun too. They are classy and chic. They add the necessary colour to your room. But why do you want to go with a single shade of pastel? How about running multiple pastel shades across your home? You can have different colours on the walls of your home, making it appear extremely classy and soothing to the eyes.

Sync the furniture with the walls

How about you do a teak brown on one of the walls, and then colour the remaining three in any other colour? The teak gives the rich finish, and you can arrange the wooden furniture along that wall. The one way you can have multi-coloured walls is by adding the colour of the furniture to the wall where they would be placed. Colour the other walls with another colour. This works in most cases. It is what most people use to paint their walls.

Wooden walls

Want to try something innovative? You could go for red brick walls on one side of the room, and wooden walls on the other. This could make your room look creative as well as classy. Most of the rooms have brick walls and vintage furniture. With the appropriate furniture, you can give your modern home a very vintage and nurtured look.

Decaled walls

You can have one wall with decal, and the remaining walls can have standard pastel or white shades. The blue and white decal wall can be combined with excellent designs to give your house a perfect look.

You can try the various patterns for the decal to make your room look beautiful and aesthetic. You can even have declared walls in the kitchen or the bathroom. It could look different and appealing.

So, the next time that you plan to paint your walls tries the multi-coloured wall look. Interior designers suggest a variety of shades and colours define your room.

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