How interior design plays an important role in indoor air quality

Maintaining the best air quality inside the home is very important to stay healthy and active in the home. The interior design style you choose for your home will also play an important role in indoor air quality.

You may get the question like what is the importance of indoor air quality and why it has to be considered during interior designing? We are as the residential interior designers in Bangalore try to provide the best answer in this article.

Because your home will be comprises of indoor air pollution materials which you can’t remove from your home, which can include pollutants from adhesives, upholstered furniture, flooring, paints and cleaning products. Each of these can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, which can trigger allergies, asthma, and other symptoms as they vaporise into the surrounding air.

As we having good knowledge of the materials used for interior designing we can assure you that the materials like furniture’s, paints and the adhesives  suggested by our interior designers to decorate your home will not pollute your home by emitting VOCs.

Here are the some tips to that are should be taken into consideration at the time of interior designing to keep good indoor air quality.

Choosing the paint

It is important to choose your paint wisely. Most of the paints will containing the pollutant content which can pollute your home interior. So while selecting the paint for your home you has to look for the level of VOC content and should choose low VOC paint. These types of products not only better for the environment but also better for human health.

Add small decorating plants in your interior design

It is one of the good choice, which you can use in your interior design to increase the indoor air quality. Living decor plants absorbs harmful chemical produced in inside the home and regulate humidity keeps home inside environment cool and calm. And also Usage  the green decor plants ads extra glamour to your interiors.

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Adding proper ventilation to the home

Ventilation is nothing but flow of air into and out of space. Ventilation is especially important in the kitchen and bathroom as these two areas produce excess of heat where we place heat producing equipment’s like refrigerators, heaters and cloth dryers. So we have design these areas in such a way that the outdoor air should flow around those very easily and efficiently. Lack of ventilation in these areas cause indoor air pollution.

By adding the more windows and larger windows in the required areas can help to increase the indoor air quality and reduces the indoor air pollution.

Recognize the problem areas and elements

Identify the polluted areas and the elements which are used in your interior will cause  pollution. According to the research data around two million tons of asbestos are used in households like furniture carpeting, cleaning products, gas appliances and humidifiers. Asbestos is the silicate mineral which aggravate lung tissues, which cause them to scar.

As we are Residential interior designers in bangalore having knowledge on these materials helps you to choose good products which can to combat indoor air pollution, reduces health issues makes you to live happy with your family.

Increase your indoor air quality by making your interior designer or decorators to add above mentioned tips while designing or decorating your home. Always choose for the best interior designers Bangalore who are having the good knowledge of interior designing in all the aspects. I can assure that we are as the best interior designers in Bangalore have expertized interior designers team can make your home look good with best indoor air quality.

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