How Long Does the Interior Design Process Take?

Are you planning to hire an interior designer to plan up your new home perfectly but not sure of how long the interior design process will take? Well, interior designing, indeed, is a time-consuming process though the exact time required to complete a project largely depends on the scope of it. The way of working for most interior designers in Bangalore is similar, which involves understanding the client’s requirements, visiting the site and then, presenting a design plan. It is only after the design concept is partially or entirely approved that the design process begins. If you consult some of the best interior designers in Bangalore, they will give a rough estimate of the time taken to complete your project and they will promise to fasten up the process when you have to get home a designed within a stipulated time.

So, how long does the interior design process actually take? Most interior designers in Bangalore consider the time in terms of design hours rather than days because a day might often be spent on simple collaboration or collection of resources. However, the design days give the right estimate of the actual time that is being devoted entirely on designing a space. Here is a basic guide to how long an interior design process can take?

Designing a Room

bedroom interior designersWhen we speak about designing a room, we consider the entire process starting from the planning stage right to the installation. This takes about a minimum of 12-15 days. The list of tasks include visiting the house, discussing ideas, taking photographs, measuring the areas, sketching the style ideas, looking out for resources and eventually narrowing down to the final stage. The last few days are usually spent on installation, arrangement and follow-ups.

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Designing a Kitchen

modular kitchen bangaloreInterior designing of your kitchen might surprisingly take longer than your bedroom or living room because a kitchen design involves a lot of space calculation, measurements and selection of the right cabinets and furniture. All this takes a minimum of 20-25 days for any of the best interior designers in Bangalore to complete a project. The important tasks in kitchen designing include conceptualizing layout ideas, selecting cabinetry, chalking out a lighting plan and so on. A bit of construction work is also often required in the whole kitchen designing process.

Designing a Bathroom

residential interior designers in banaloreInterior designing for a bathroom generally takes less time because the area is restricted and there is no scope for installing furniture, apart from a simple cabinet or rack. So, it takes about 10 days to complete and much of the time during these 10 days is spent on selecting the plumbing parts that are usually needed to be attractive as well as functional.

As already said, the duration of a designing process varies depending on the complexity of the project and the interior designers in Bangalore offer time estimates based on certain factors. However, the best interior designers in Bangalore will always pay heed to your time constraints and strive hard to bring the best-possible outcome for you in the least possible time.

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