How to Choose Colors for Your Home

If you’ve noticed closely, the one thing common to the homes of the close friends and family you would have visited in your entire history of knowing them will be the color of their walls. The dull off-white walls would have seemed confused for not being either a bright sunny yellow or a charming classic white. And if you ask them the reason why they chose to color their home a single shade of dullness, their common voices will echo in your ears and it would say that they were too scared to commit to a new color.

Choosing the middle ground between bold colors and creating a color palette seems the safest bet for most people, but doing so also makes their living space really boring. So if you want to breathe fresh air into your home and change the way it looks and feels without having to take the pain of remodeling, the easiest way to do it is by choosing the right colors to paint it with. Here are a few tips you could use to choose the right colours for your home.

1. Match the colour with the mood of the room

Every room has a mood. Yes, you read right! And a color does more that a lot to reflect that mood. How do you want your bedroom to be? If you would like it to be dramatic, strong colors should be your choice as they create all the drama with their bold hues. If you’re one who would choose intimacy over drama, then it’s best to stick to cool, soft, and neutral colors.

Similarly, you can give your dining area a sociable feel and a stimulating atmosphere with warm, contrasting, and somewhat bright colors. To make it look quiet and formal, choose neutrals. Deep blue-greens also make for a good choice for a formal ambience. When it comes to painting children’s rooms, bright colors will keep them active and energetic. However, avoid overly bright hues as they can cause irritability and unrest.

2. Consider the lighting in different areas of your home

There are two types of people — yellow light lovers and white light lovers. While some people have only one of the two types of lighting in their homes, many people prefer mixed lighting for different sections of their homes. Since natural light during the day shows the truest colors, incandescent or yellow lighting enhances yellows and other warm tones. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, casts a blue, often sharp, tone. A strong, bright color might look overpowering on walls near a large window that lets in a lot of daylight. Choose light shades especially for such areas. Instead, you can use bold colors on accent walls in any of the other rooms.

3. Mix warm and cold colors

You can make sleepy places come alive even with subtle colors. This is especially great for people who don’t want to experiment with bright and bold colors and keep it as low as possible, yet exude chic style. Contrasting is possible even in delicate shades, such as cool greys and warm honey colored shades. Even if both these shades are soft on the eyes, they are opposites that create a beautiful contrast. Not sure which opposite colors complement each other? Use the color wheel to choose your favourites.

4. Play with a monochrome look

A single color all over your home might make it look boring, but a little creativity can bring out the beauty of that one color. Now’s the chance to go crazy with your imagination! How about creating subtle or bold variations within a color group using contrasting paint finishes? Here’s how you can do it. Choose your favourite color, get two shades of that color, use the darker of the two on the walls and the lighter one on the trims. Or use a matt finish of the same color on the walls and a glossy finish on the trim. Here’s where white and off-white paints come in very handy as they go great on trims when matched with monochromatic colors.

5. Bonus: Give small spaces a pop of colour

If there’s a small room that you want to paint, don’t choose white, please. Instead, go bold and give it some oomph with a color that says “look at me”! This is your chance to let your small spaces envelop you in their cosiness.

Kahlil Gibran had quoted, “Let me, O’ let me bathe my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow”. How would you like to bathe your soul, your home, in colors? All you need is some paint for it!

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