Industrial Style Designs for office interior

Industrial style becoming common in office interior designing and it will concentrate on the their core industry. The industrial style design is commonly found in urban areas .components of industrial style contains weathered wood, exposed bricks, lighting fixture, concrete, building systems and many more. Industrial style includes most-unpredictable material used in buildings. To get industrial style colour palette are more important and industrial style room is having large sections, lighting effects give more industrial style look to your office.

Every interior design has particular elements, industrial interior design mainly focused on blending raw and rough with clean and streamlined methods.

We are one among the best office interior design companies in Bangalore listed the methods /ideas to decorate your office interior to get the look of industrial style.

1. Rough brick walls

There is no need for gratuitous tricks in the industrial interior design style. In many instances, the prominence is on bare structures, including non-plastered walls. The red bricks add abut of color to the interior and create a “warmer look”, to your office and also more embrace atmosphere.

2. Concrete or wood floors

Many industrial interiors have a concrete floor or a wooden floor they usually used this style instead of tiles or granites. People usually select a concrete floor or a concrete look for floor screed, which gives the nice unfinished look of the interior. You can choose a different color for a concrete floor; Wood floors give a sophisticated look to your office interior design.

3. Open ceilings with girders and pipes

Industrial design is a cheap interior design style because the ceilings are also left bare and add a sense of depth or slightly conceal things with black color painted ceilings. The concrete columns, steel girders, and beams, ventilation pipes are not hidden but instead are emphasized.

4. Large, steel windows

In the industrial design large window is commonly used, which gives you a large amount of natural light to inside which gives you a fresh atmosphere,  windows are usually made of steel with small gives large look to your office. A retro window looks very well for interior design.

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5. Open plan

An industrial interior is all about space. The loft is a good choice for an office to get the industrial look with a wooden screen commonly used to subdivide the large space for form a cabinet.

6. Dark furniture

Basically, the interior looks depend on furniture’s what you have used inside to get look of well organized. Styles and fabric of furniture’s is very important for good look. Usually, grey colour gives darken side of spectrum .which gives the bold look furniture’s is the best idea for decorating an industrial style office.

7. Limited decoration

Limited decoration for interior design gives better simple and nice look. Decorate your interior office using plants, frames, figurines, pots etc. to get a better look for your office. Using plants in decoration helps to our office.

8. Simple, steel stairs and railings

The concept of openness applies to the length, width, and height of the space. Often architects design an open duplex, in which the levels are connected with simple, steel stairs. No elegant, wooden staircases here. The railings on the landing are usually very simple and angular.

9. Industrial lighting

The stylish industrial lighting gives an amazing look for office interior. Using suitable lighting for the interior with respect to floor gives a more attractive look. Lighting arrangement is very important in interior designing.

Above are some of the ideas to get an industrial look for office interior, we make use of these methods for designing your office in a greater way as the best office interior designers in Bangalore.

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