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Inspiring bathroom decor Ideas that you can do it yourself


For people who have now reign the process of upcycling, reusing and be stunningly creative all at the same time! From our garage organizers to our living room decor, we have little things that have been made and not bought.

Right from head starting a brisk day or unwinding stress at late nights, people who swear by bathrooms being their stress busters will agree on the longing for a beautiful bathroom at their cost! So why leave to bathrooms alone?  Here are a few ideas that might get you going:

Towel Racks: No bathroom is complete without a good towel rack. But it doesn’t need to be a boring shelf or metal rod. Step Ladders can be creative hacks that can stun any one! If floor space is limited, look at ideas that use wicker baskets nailed to the walls for racks. Another neat trick is to paint old large picture frames (just the frame) and hang them a few inches from your wall for an interesting towel rack composition.

Storage: A dirty bathroom has three drawbacks. It looks unclean. It is unhygienic, and you can never find what you need! Having a smart storage system in your bathroom is important.  Making the best use of your available space and pick an idea that suits your area the most, a wall mounted shelf painted the right colour to suit your theme will go a long way in helping you organize. If you have a small bathroom, these ideas could make the difference between good and an awful bathroom.

Mason Jars: Whoever made Mason jars probably never imagined the number of things they get used for. Neatly painted ones can double up as flower pots or jars in which to keep arrangements of fake flowers or other show items. You can also convert them to soap dispensers; all you need is the dispenser bottle head from an old dispenser. Drill a hole into the lid of a jar and fix the dispenser in it and voila! Voila! You have a soap dispenser.


Fragrances: Decor isn’t just about how things look; it’s also about how they smell, and you don’t need to bathrooms that have unpleasant issues.  A clean laundry hamper to keep soiled clothes is a good idea; ensure that they are regularly washed. The other half is to keep fragrance creating elements in the room; a diffuser being the usual choice. You can find a hoard of natural oils to pick from and make them into fragrances for your bathroom. They can be used in their oil format or be made into candles, sprays, etc.

While a great refreshing bath can uplift your mood, the most loved bathrooms, are once that are kept clean and fresh. Bear in mind, however; a bathroom means a lot of moisture so don’t introduce products or articles that don’t interact well with steam and water. Use the best of your creativity and do what you do best; Do It Yourself!

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