It’s Time to Get Decorate – Design Ideas and Tips for your Modular Kitchen at Home

If you are someone who loves cooking up a storm every time you enter your kitchen, then you need talented modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore. They can plan, design, and implement a kitchen space which is easy to move around in, has ample and smart storage, and take care of the lighting, electrical works and everything else. A designer will help you plan the arrangement of appliances with foresight and ensure optimal utilization of the available space. By focusing attention on materials and colors, the work triangle, counter lengths, ventilation, safety, and even disposal of waste, your kitchen can become a haven for creativity, delectable tastes and aromas with the help of interior designers. Bangalore homes are increasingly depending on these professionals today, and you should too!

Tips for an awesome modular kitchen

  • Figure out the work triangle

    A work triangle in your kitchen essentially indicates how your hob, refrigerator and sink will interact with each other. Once you can zero in on the ideal work triangle, defining the location of each of these elements, the distances among them and the kitchen layout will become easy. It is best to make a rough sketch of your future kitchen with the positions of the sink, hob and fridge clearly marked for this. And if you need help from interior designers, Bangalore has quite a few reputed companies for you.

  • Shape of the kitchen

    You can go for U-shaped, gallery style, two-wall or L-shaped kitchen based on how much space you have and your work triangle. It will also depend on whether you want to have an island or a breakfast counter.

  • Be careful with colors 

    It is easy to go crazy with colors when it comes to planning your dream modular kitchen. But be wise and pick options which you can maintain in the long run easily. An all-white kitchen might be a bad idea if you are usually too busy to clean up constantly. Bold colors might cause the kitchen to heat up very quickly but a sensible mix of sober and bright hues can do the trick!

  • Choosing materials

    Granite for counter tops and plywood for kitchen cabinets are usually the common choices, when it comes to materials. You can go with treated wood for cabinets and Kitchen Island, if you want a rustic look. Marble counter tops can lend luxury, while steel can add an industrial look to your kitchen. For the back splash, you can pick from beautiful ceramic tiles, glass panels, bricks or even waterproof wallpaper. For the floor, anti-skid tiles, wood, and concrete are good options.

  • Counters and cabinets 

    Dimensions of counters and cabinets must be decided with care, so that you can work comfortably in the kitchen. If you have trouble reaching high shelves normally, then it doesn’t make sense to create loft cabinets. The length and width of the counter tops should be such that you can do everything from cooking to plating on them with ease.

  • Smart lighting

    According to modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore, smartly positioned windows can bring in ample natural light. Moreover, you can get overhead lights that focus on the counter tops especially. LED lights fitted under cabinets can also be a good idea, if you do lots of cooking in the evenings. Lights inside cabinets can also be great for easily seeing things inside them.

  • Proper ventilation

    Cooking is no pleasure if the heat and fumes get to you! Hence, having your modular kitchen connecting to a balcony, terrace or garden through doors or windows makes sense. Plus, you will need a modern chimney and exhaust fan to keep smoke from accumulating inside your kitchen.

  • Corners are of importance 

    Leave no corner ideal in your modular kitchen, as you can always do with more storage. Customized shelves or cabinets can fit into such corners and give you more space to store small utensils, jars or bowls.

  • Shelves, racks and more

    Decide how many shelves, racks, trays inside cabinets or pullouts you need. You can take into consideration the jars, plates, cups, pans and pots you have before deciding. Make sure you have drawer dividers to organize cutlery, chopsticks, napkins, scissors and knives. Magnetic strips on the wall can work great for knives too.

  • Waste matters

    Consider getting in-built waste bins behind a cabinet door to manage kitchen waste stylishly and neatly. You can get separate bins for dry and wet waste too.

With a little creativity and help from modular kitchen designers, you will be cooking tasty meals in no time! Just remember to make sure finally that your kitchen goes well with the rest of your home.

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