Walls can be quite boring if left on their own. The walls often tend to give out a lot about the personality of the person living within those walls. Bright walls reflect a very bold personality while simple walls reflect someone who is content. As the walls give a glimpse into your personality, why not jazz up your walls to say out loud who you are. Interior designers have come up with a variety of ways in which you can say who you are through your walls. Here, let us take you through some of the best tricks to jazz up your walls.

Say it with graffiti

Love graffiti? Start by putting a good graffiti on your wall. That would probably attract a lot of people. You can say a whole lot of things through graffiti. Simple or intricate graffiti can make your walls look interesting and appealing. As it is your passion, it would be done with all the love you possess, and the walls will reflect all of it. You could even invite a few of your friends to join you in your graffiti sessions. The result would probably be an interesting combination of ideas that make your room shine bright and beautiful with colours.

Doodle up your walls

The next best way to say something through your walls is a doodle. If you are at doodling, then you should try doodling on your wall. It will help decorate the walls and bring it to life. Colour them with essentials or keep them black and white depending on how you want to make the wall appear. You can even doodle what you think of life on your walls and pour a life in them.

Put up paintings

If you aren’t much of a painter, interior designers suggest you put up paintings on the walls that will make it look aesthetic. The choice of pictures should match the colours in your home and should give away your personality. If you are not too classy, picking out classy paintings may not become you. Don’t crowd your walls with too many paintings as that might not reflect nicely on the look.

Add decals

A lot of paint companies are coming forward with this idea. It allows you to add some colourful décor to your wall, and make it look interesting. There is a wide range of decals that you can choose from. The idea is to match the colours of the wall with the colours of the decal to give them a contrasting yet colourful appeal. Decals are the most mystifying elements of the wall, and you cannot ignore them.

Add lights

Wall lights are interesting elements too, and you cannot miss out on them if you want to decorate your room. They add appeal to the room and give it the much-needed beauty. The lights brighten up your room. Next time you want to keep it simple, just add lights to the walls.

With these interesting tips, you can choose the one that best fits your needs, and reflects your personality as best as it can.

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