How to make your home’s smallest room larger than life?
One of the most commonly asked question when it comes to the interior design of your home is how to make your smallest room can look bigger and more spacious. Although the presence of large windows and balconies helps, rooms still tend to feel claustrophobic if they are built in smaller dimensions. However, such limitations can be countered by intelligent interior design- all you need to do is follow some very basic steps! And here we are with some simple tips and hacks to help you make your small room look spacious and open!

Light ‘em Up!

One of the golden rules of interior design is ‘More the Light, Better Space’. Therefore if your small room has big windows decorating at least two of its walls, then you are good to go. If not, then you can always opt for big window panes and decorative and alternate lighting sources that increase the light in the room. This way, not only does your room have the potential to look even more amazing, but it also looks bigger!

Furniture, Shmurniture!

People tend to think that the richer the furniture in a room, the better and more spacious it looks, however, the exact opposite is actually the way to go when it is space you are looking for. Decorating a room with simple and minimalistic furniture, like say, a chair with open legs so the floor beneath it is visible and so on, gives the illusion of added space to it. Therefore, choose your furniture carefully!


What Color do you want?

Color, like light, is a very basic way to make your space look bigger or smaller. Generally, light colours like pastels are used when you need to construct an illusion of space in a room. Bold and Dark colours like Red, maroon even Navy blue makes space seem more cluttered because there is very little light reflected through the room because of them. Hence, if you are looking to make your smallest room look larger, pick pastels for the wall!


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall?

Using mirrors to make your room look more spacious is one of the classic tricks used in interior design. However, when it comes to using the mirrors, people generally have the tendency to go for the walls, exclusively. This actually puts a limit on how awesome you can make the room actually look! Opting for mirrored drawers and dressing tables or just hanging reflective art on the walls instead of plain mirrors is one very good trick to go for. This will make your room larger and livelier as well! Who, after all, does not want to live in an interesting place, right?

Like we all know, interior design is all about intelligent arrangement and rearrangement of your space that will mould it to your personality and project it in your space. Following these and some other easily doable tips and tricks will not only make your room look larger than life, but also make them look even prettier, we guarantee it! What are you waiting for then? Go on, try ‘em out!

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