Interior designers have, in the past, married two completely contrasting ideas to make your homes look beautiful and aesthetic. Classic furniture in a modern home is one such contrast that makes your home look warm and elegant. People are multi-faceted, and your décor should be such too. It should reflect who you are in the best way possible.

Here we will take you through a few ways in which you can marry these two different ideas, and pull it off effortlessly.

An interesting mix of shapes

This is one of the basic yet commonly used ideas by interior designing companies when they want to stage the marriage between modern homes and classic furniture pieces. The idea is to use contrasting shapes and mix them to perfection. A vintage chair that is round and plush can be perfectly matched with the modern square table giving it the most aesthetic appeal. It is always nice to have around vintage mirrors paired with modern dressers. The contrast can be made in hard and soft also. Pairing the hard and soft furniture in interesting shapes can create a unique appeal for your room.

Support your statement pieces with brilliance

As an interior designer, you might want a certain piece of furniture to stand out. You will need to complement it rightfully with the appropriate pieces that will help make it stand out. Creating a different look in the room will help you immensely. Soft lights help complement the chandelier and improve its presence in the room. Similarly, small pieces of furniture can make your classic bed stand out. It requires a lot of thinking, and a perspective of the difference to get the mix clear.

A little touch of vintage

If you are way too modern for your furniture, a little touch of vintage can make it look classy. You may not need to add everything vintage in your home. You just need to add a small piece of furniture that comes from the world of classics to give your modern home a vintage look.

A good little chair is what it takes sometimes to give your modern home a classic look. Sometimes, you need to think beyond what you have. Rugs can do a beautiful job of converting your modern home into a vintage manner.

Even a vintage painting can do the job for you. All it takes is to paint a particular wall in the home in vintage paints and put the picture up there. The modern wall will immediately get the vintage look.

Go minimalistic

If you don’t want to give your entire home a vintage appeal, you could probably go minimalistic with your vintage decisions. Add the vintage furniture in certain parts of the room like the dresser room, where you have modern lighting combined with vintage furnishing to give you the apt perspective.

Vintage and modern. This is the perfect combination for your homes. Try the vintage look with shapes or furniture pieces. Interior design companies have excellent ideas to combine the two and give your home a brilliant look.

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