Modular kitchen designs: 6 must have accessories

Nowadays the latest kitchen trend rocking is Modular Kitchen. They are highly stylish, more spacious and modern. The most trendy and more adorable elements in modular kitchen are kitchen accessories. Kitchen accessories make kitchen look more catchy and appealing.

However, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you have to maintain a balance between functionality and design. Many Modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore try to maintain a balance between storage space and functionality to give much trendier look to your kitchen.  Here are some few things you might have to look which you may have overlooked in the previous avatar of your kitchen.

Lift-up drawer systems

modular kitchen bangaloreThe most important accessories of kitchen are drawers or cabinets. Also, it’s all about space when you have a modular kitchen. To make your kitchen look freshly designed, you need some smart and modern cabinet solutions which also should provide flexible space for storage. To make your modular kitchen more appealing, you can also add some pull-up and sliding cabinets. This provides easy opening and closing mechanism and also adds a very smooth finish to your cabinets.

Tall slide-in storage units

Modular kitchen bangaloreTall slide-in storage units gives a super comfy design which makes you simply fall in love with them. The design flexibility tall slide-in storages provide beauty to modular kitchens. You can install a stylish and suitable tall storage because of the amazingly wide storage space. And also you can add some beautiful lightings to which help you to pick the handy items quickly and in a hassle free manner. Make your modular kitchen look inspiring with such storages.

Wooden pull-out cabinets

kitchen interior designersReplace your brand new kitchen with stunning pull-out cabinets and get rid of those old cupboard styled traditional cabinets. These Asian style super smooth pull-out cabinets are just perfect kitchen accessories if you are planning to build a wooden modular kitchen. Make your storage space look stunning by layering these cabinets.

Stainless steel cutlery trays

kitchen designsStainless steel cutlery trays are highly durable and stylish that you can experiment with these to your modular kitchen. Also you can use some extra-ordinary materials and styles for designing your modular kitchen. They can be smoothly opened and close and offers a high end polishing. You can also make the cabinets more stylish by adding some hidden lights in the cabinets.

Dazzling corner solutions

interior designersCorner cabinet solutions are one of the essential parts of the modular kitchen design. Utilize the space of your kitchen more smartly by trying small cool and unique corner solutions. You can gear up your corner cabinets with some flexible and multi-handle storage options. These storages save a lot of your kitchen space as these storages will slide easily in and out of your cabinet.

Corner Sinks

corner sinksThis is also one of the options if you want to make your kitchen more stylish. If you want to promote effective utilization of the kitchen space, then install your sinks in the corner of your kitchen which also will give a unique look to your kitchen. You can give a modern look to your kitchen by building kitchen countertops and sinks with granite and marbles. If you want to have a better appealing feel, you can also try for brass fixtures.

So, these are some of the important modular kitchen accessories you need to consider to give your kitchen a modern look. You can also try for multi-purpose open shelves to make your space store all the handy items you need while cooking. Planning to renovate your kitchen? Then why wait? Urban living designs are one of the modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore who can build up your kitchen interior trendier and spacious as possible. To get the complete details about urban living designs and their work visit

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