Reasons Why You Need To Decorate Interior with Plants

When we think of decorating our homes, there are many ways to do it. You can add anything you want to add such as frames photos, some decor to the side table or some stuff which took your attention in the market. But we don’t think of one thing when we try to decorate our dream home-Plants. Yes, it’s always been an afterthought in interior design.

Most of the time, we hesitate to use it in our interior design because of the proper care. Also unawareness of what type of plants to be added in your home is the ultimate dilemma. But, according to the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore the usage of indoor plants in interior design is immense. So here we want to list out the importance of adding the plats to your interior design.

Plants fill dead space

You design your interiors and find some of the places left empty or feels like dead and you don’t know what makes it more aesthetic and pleasant. The most obvious and easiest way to do that is with plants. You can research the plants which thrive indoors and add it to your designing. Also, plants can be as expressive as a work of art.

Easier breathing

It’s obvious that plants undergo photosynthesis; they absorb carbon-di-oxide and release oxygen. By decorating your home with plants you have an increase of oxygen level and added advantage of fresh breathing. While at night, plant release carbon-di-oxide and absorb oxygen. Hence, some would place plants outside in the evening. But some plants such as orchids, succulents and epiphytic bromeliads still release oxygen in the evening. Placing these plants in bedroom feels refreshing while sleeping.

Reduces stress and helps in better health condition

Natural environment makes us easier to overcome stress. Likewise, adding plants in your home interior helps in reduce stress and makes you feel comfortable. Also it helps in creating a positive environment. Also, studies have proven that plants can calm your heart rate and lower blood pressure. It also helps in decreasing headaches, fatigue, sore throats and many more. Then what is there to think? Think of adding plants in your room right now!

Plants add life

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Yes, some people may argue that this is obvious as plants are in fact alive, not only that they are also an indication of home that is lived-in and loved. Nature tends to refresh us and it is one of the best reasons to add plants in your interiors. Visual impact of your home changes as soon as you use plants for your interiors. Simpler green plants helps a room look cleaner and more polished.

Plants change the Acoustics

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In several ways plants help to reduce the amount of noise without altering the overall design of the space. When you are in a noisy environment look around the space you will find a lot of hard spaces like walls, floors, windows to muffle the sound. Indoor plants are effective in absorbing sound at higher frequencies. Plants such as ficus trees with many small leaves tend to scatter sounds as opposed to absorbing sounds making the space less noisy and much inviting.

Aesthetic appeal

Offices and homes which have indoor plants look much nicer and more inviting than those without plants. Office plants not only provide inviting and welcoming place for clients but also improve the workspace surroundings for employees/staff. Not only this, there are other reasons why you should add plants in your interior such as increased happiness, gives you general sense of wellbeing, improves your mood and lowers blood pressure, controls humidity within the optimum levels for better human health.

So, these are some of the important reasons why you need to decorate interior with plants. It would be a wise idea to get some indoor plants and enjoy the benefits it offers. Also indoor plants are very inexpensive and helps in improvising the workplace and living place environment. Want to add a new life to your dream home? Visit Urban living designs and make a difference in your interiors through their innovative and creative design ideas.

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