Spectacular ways to decorate wall behind the bed

One of the bedroom furniture rules says that bed should be placed next to the wall.  There are so ways for decorating your bedroom, you can place your bed in the centre or you can place something behind it when the bed is close to the wall. Decorating the wall behind the bed isn’t as easy as you’d think. In fact, it can be rather daunting to dress up a large expanse of wall and not have it come off looking like a half-baked job. So if you want to decorate wall behind the bed it is better to place the bed by giving some between the wall.

In the modern construction, the possibilities are endless. Interior designers and decorators know about all this things and they offer a variety of different ideas for decorating your bedroom. So you see much as we may be elated at having a blank canvas to play with, it can soon lead to a good bit of head-scratching. Fortunately, we being best interior designers in Bangalore have done some homework that we would be happy to share. In this article we are giving some tips to decorate the wall behind the bed.

1. Create a gallery

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There is one design element where that has been the major moment, it has to be gallery walls. It may be a big or small or somewhere in between, you have to create a gallery with your favourite prints and also the art pieces which can instantly elevate the style of any space. To create a gallery you need to first find the right wall and then you have to choose the perfect prints. Both of these steps are seemed to be very easy. But the hardest part is choosing the frames to use on each art of piece, and assembling the wall. A gallery is a great way to showcase your passion, be it your amateur photography skills or collection of travel memorabilia.

2. Add shabby chic flair to even the most contemporary space

Mount a vintage door behind your bed. Substitute it for a headboard. Hang it vertically or opt for two installed horizontally. Use old, wooden shutters in the same fashion. You can choose something peeling paint or opt to strip them and paint them with a hue which blends with the rest of the room’s color. Or choose the contrasting color that pops against the wall.

3. Add a great piece of artwork

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Artwork is one of the great ways for making your room attractive, but arranging the art may be stressful. Some of the people will have the tendency for hanging the art at too high, in rooms; people are usually sitting, so the artwork should be lower. When you are hanging the multiple pieces in a group, then visual balance is very important. If you are having an even arrangement, then place the heaviest artwork at the middle.

4. Add sunburst mirror

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Sunburst Mirror craft will give your home some playful, trendy design flair. Not only is it a fun craft, but also quick, easy and economical to make. Sunburst mirror is one the outstanding decorate piece which demands to be in the centre of the attention which gives a unique design and captivating energy. It is very big piece, claiming much of the wall space it won’t allow any other wall decor. It can also be in smaller pieces but the sixes won’t matter.

5. Add wainscoting or shiplap to the walls

residential interior designers in bangaloreWainscoting is one of the perfect mixes of the function and also style by adoring the lower half of the wall where it also protects the walls from the scuffs and also smudges. Formally wainscoting is made from the solid wood panels, now there are much more variety in the materials. When you are installing the wainscoting in your bedroom it is best to hire the contractor for perfectly neat wainscoting installation. Or its better you can buy the pre made wainscoting panels so that the only work is to install them on the wall. You can choose any style, height or type of wainscoting but the effect will be the positively stunning.

Give your bare walls a makeover with these ideas. Try to mix and matching the few of these bedrooms decorating wall behind the bed to complete your room. These are some of the spectacular ways for decorating the wall behind the bed. We being the residential interior designers in Bangalore also create unique and attractive interior designs for decorating your bedrooms. We help to make your dream home come true. We always listen to the needs of the clients and transform their vision to reality.

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