Tips to decorate walls without using paint

Gone are the days where every wall of the house painted with different colours in purpose to design the interiors. To instantly change the look and feel of the space; painting is one of the quickest and the cheapest ways to decorate walls, but nowadays it is off limits for many renters. As they are not allowed to tweak with painting and also to avoid the hassle of re-painting before moving out, they choose to decorate interiors without using paint.

Decorating walls without using paint has become a new trend as it is temporary and you can change it whenever you desire to change. This trend is also continued by some of the Residential interior designers in Bangalore which has helped many of the home owners to tweak their interior walls in their own way. You can customize your wall space in a visually interesting way. Here are some temporary ways in which you can add colour and pattern to decorate walls.

Peel and stick wallpaper

wall decoration ideas

You can find a lot of temporary adhesive wallpaper which you can find in speciality online shops. With a plenty of options available, these peel-and-stick versions gives you worth the money. Find something that matches your style and play with it. Just make sure that whether you want to decorate an entire room or a feature wall or room accent as these papers can be costly when installed in a room.

Traditional Wallpaper

residential interior designers in bangaloreThese wallpapers may be sometimes cost effective than the peel-and-stick varieties. Also these are easy to find and will give you a traditional look to your space. Make sure to give it a test by applying a patch on your wall before doing your entire space and check it whether it removes cleanly. You can apply these wallpapers anywhere in your house such as pooja room or for an accent wall.

Removable wall hooks

Top 10 interior designers in bangaloreThis is one of the cheapest way and also one of the best methods to decorate your wall without making any holes or marks. You can find a lot of adhesive based wall hooks in the market. Decorate walls with your favourite photos, artwork, mirrors and other fancy dictates without damaging the wall. You can also decorate your wall with fun picture frames in different shades or make a work of art with your scarves, hats and other colourful accessories.

Creative shelves

interior designers in bangaloreConsider using shelving to add visual glamour to your rooms, instead of being stuck on the idea that the walls are your primary surface. Create unique configurations such as shapes like hexagons, triangles and colors which can give your space a vibrant look. If you have white or neutral walls, then consider using contrast colours like black or dark shelving which create a dramatic statement. Give a rich look to your space by applying Spotlight to the shelves and also give more color and personality by displaying objects like books, musical instruments, framed photos or houseplants.


best inerior designersYes, to make your wall decorative you can make it green. Bring the outdoors inside with a wall of greenery. Indoor plant ideas also help you have fresh breath and also it reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. It is also an excellent idea for city dwellers that lack an outdoor hangout space.


wall decoration with fabric

There is a lot of ways to hang fabrics to decorate walls. You can get color and pattern on your walls without paint or the cost and labour of wallpaper. Though they can be expensive, if you keep an eye on the clearance bolts and sales they would be helpful. They can be purchased in 44” to 60”, so while purchasing makes sure to purchase that makes the most sense for your space.

These are some of the easiest ways to decorate walls without use of painting. Don’t worry, if you are tired of the boring walls in your rental which can’t paint. There are a lot of great techniques which you can use to put some colour and pattern to decorate walls. If you are searching for even more ideas for your space you can look out for Urban Living Designs as we are one of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore. We help you to go creative with your spaces with our wide range of design solutions.

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