Vintage letter boards – always you need one. Try out the new trend in home décor!

Did you know that vintage letter boards are making a huge comeback? And in a big way! They were once a staple for school buildings and doctor’s offices, but these retro signs are taking over the interior designing industry in an unexpected and delightful way.

These retro signs that local businesses, schools and churches relied on are becoming must-haves for

Modular kitchen interior designers in Bangalore. Designers consider these customizable felt boards to be the ideal way to show off a quirky sense of humour or to leave around nostalgic messages around the house.

No matter how one chooses to use it, these letter boards are looking better than ever and promise to up the ante of any home décor.

Everyday thoughts can be expressed in letter boards

Letter boards are not new, but the fact that they have made their way into homes is. Interior designers associate an unmistakable beauty in these boards. The best part is that they are not digital and maybe, that is where the charm lies. What’s more? You can write whatever you want and whenever you want.
In fact, you can change the message every day!

While most home decorating pieces or accessories come pre-decorated or designed, vintage letter boards are like a breath of fresh air. They come blank! Yes, blank. This allows you to fill in the blank space with your thoughts, goals, quotes or messages. No other home decorating item allows you the freedom of expressing your unfiltered thoughts to the world through home décor!

Ideal for any room of your house:

Letter boards are all the rave right now and for a good reason. They are available in varied sizes, vintage-inspired and a great conversation piece. They can be placed anywhere in the room and are incredibly fun and entertaining. It can almost be like a hobby for you to come up with new things to write on the board! You might even want to start a friendly challenge to inspire everybody in the house to come up with something.

Dining room

Since the entire family, as well as, the guests come together to bond over a hot piping meal in the dining room, it is one the best places to set the letter board. It can contain some inspirational or funny quotes to lift up the mood of occasions. The letter board can also be used to encourage the guests to leave their thoughts behind regarding what they felt about the food and hospitality.

This is the perfect place to leave important messages behind or write something down at night that might sort of importance first thing in the morning. It can act as a decorative piece, as well as, something to leave a trail of messages behind.

In the kitchen, the home-maker can choose to present the menu of the day to make lunch or supper exciting for everyone.

Vintage letter boards are not just a fabulous decorative piece, but they are also fun and interesting items to have around the house.

What do you think about this upbeat and intriguing home décor trend? Would you be interested in including this to your existing interiors? Please share your comments.

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