Ways to Cover Up an Ugly Ceiling

Ceilings are a finished surface concealing the underside of the room structure or the floor of the storey above. If the ceiling of your house has out-dated textures, ugly ceiling tiles or other forms which is making your house look in an odd way, then it’s time to give this fifth wall a revamp ceiling no matter its genuinely ugly or you just want to change. Being one among the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, we have listed some of the top ways to cover up your ugly ceiling. However, covering up it depend on how much you’re willing to spend and your own personal taste.

Paint Ceiling

paint ceilingOne of the cost-effective and a quick solution to change your ceiling style is by painting, as long as you keep the  surface in a paintable condition. One advantage is that, painting a ceiling makes the room feel warmer, bigger and cozier depending on the colour you use. Dark colours give a snug, warm environment while lighter paint colours give the illusion of expanded space. Make sure to apply painter’s tape around the edges for a crisp line, if you are in no mood to paint the walls. If the room is in low height, you can also use glossy painting which reflects the space under it and can create an illusion of a voluminous room.

Plaster of Paris

plaster of parisNeed a unique design of your choice for your ceiling? Then consider covering your ceiling with Plaster of Paris. It is available in powder form and can be moulded in to any shape. Therefore, with the help of POP you can create endless designs for the ceiling. But keep in mind that, POP needs to be prepared properly with water in right proportions. If not, it can lead to shrinkage or cracking of the ceiling. Also, one main drawback is that, the process of preparing is messy and you may need to clean up a lot afterwards.


custom wall paper for ceilingIf you are looking for a quickest way to cover up the ceiling, then you should use Wallpapers. You can completely cover the ugliest space of the ceiling through wallpapers. Also, this method is more suitable for smooth ceiling which have no moisture seepage problems. If you are applying wallpaper on a popcorn ceilings or terrible patch jobs, scrape away any texture, fill all holes and remove all dust and dirt. It is suitable to apply a thinner before putting up wallpaper.

Fabric Canopy

Fabric Canopy How about using fabric to hide a hideous ceiling? Although Fabrics seem a little far –fetched for public spaces such as living room or a dining area, it can temporarily change the look of your bedroom and are hunting for ideas to cover ceiling or a patch of it. Fabrics could transform the look of the space into a whimsical, cosy retreat. But to maintain the look, you may have to clean and maintain the fabric on a regular basis.

Faux Ceiling tiles

Faux Ceiling tilesIf you love the look of ceiling tiles, then these light weight ceiling tiles are the perfect ones. It can be secured directly to the drywall with adhesive or nails. Also, being one of the relatively inexpensive finish choices, it covers up an ugly ceiling with ease. Mix and match with two or more ceiling tiles for a truly designer look in a large room. You can also opt for aluminium, steel, leather or tin ceiling tiles to lend a classic look to the home.

Suspended grid ceiling

Suspended grid ceilingAlthough it is over-used in commercial settings, a suspended grid ceiling is a stunning addition to a residential space. Take your time to choose the tiles and have a pair of extra hands while installing. One of the inexpensive and quick options for installation is white mineral fibre panels. As you can get a lot of options and the design choices abound like embossed patterns, pressed tin, faux coffers and wood-plank designs which are readily available.

These are some of the trendy ways to cover up your ceiling which has given out its attractive look. Have you recently fixed your ceiling? How did you do it? Share your ideas in the comment section below. Searching for a best interior designer in Bangalore? Urban living Designs being one of the best Residential interior designers in Bangalore have talented and enthusiastic professionals who can create your home into a dream space you are looking for. Know more about us @ www.urbanlivingdesigns.in

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