What is the Difference between an Interior Designer & an Interior Decorator?

If you are all set to step into your brand new apartment or a renovated home, the first thing in your mind would be decking this home up in a manner that it turns head in the real sense. Once the construction or renovation related work is over, the next step involves interior designing or decorating and for this, you are required to consult the professional interior designers and decorators. Now, when you look for these professionals, you might often get confused as to whether to go for interior designer or decorators and the confusion arises from the fact that much of the work of both is largely similar. Yet, there is a subtle difference between what the interior designers in Bangalore do or what the decorators does. Realizing a few basic differences can help you finalize as to which one to hire for giving your home a completely new look.

Basis of Differentiating between a Designer & a Decorator

In spite of a lot of similarities in the work both does, there are some clear points of differentiation between interior designer and decorator. Let’s take a closer look at these:

Formal training

Interior designing requires formal training from specific schools. The courses equip them with knowledge of color and fabric, computer-aided design, drawing, space, planning, architecture and more. Interior designers are often required to apprentice with a senior interior designer before establishing themselves as independent professionals. Interior decorators, on the other hand, do not necessarily need a formal training because their work involves dealing with the surface look of the space and not into its structural or architectural intricacies.

The nature of work

Interior designers are good with spatial planning. Their primary aim is to design and renovate your interior and make it structurally more attractive as well as functional. Whether it is about drawing up the initial floor plans or adding a decorative edge to your room, interior designers in Bangalore are able to guide you the right way. The nature of the work done by Interior Decorators has to do more with the style, color, furniture designs and accessories of a home that is structurally already sorted. Decorators are basically hired to spice up and add the beauty quotient to an existing space that needs to be updated.

Work structure and collaboration

The way of doing the work and the nature of collaboration varies slightly for the interior designers and decorators. The designers are required to work in close correspondence with the architects and contractors to achieve the desired look of the property that is being designed. The decorators, on the other hand, starts work after the structural part is done and therefore, their work pattern requires them to collaborate more with the furniture makers, upholsterers and so on.

Both interior designers and decorators are of immense help when it comes to giving your home or office an exclusive new look. The easiest way to choose between the two would be to go for the best residential interior designers in Bangalore if your project involves structural work and hire the decorators if your home needs renovation mostly in terms of its surface look.

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