Which is better in terms of interior designing – Traditional or Modern Architecture

Nowadays, Traditional architecture and Modern architecture has become a strong and continuing interest in the architectural community. The Word ‘Architecture’ has an immense creativity in itself. A picture of creative designs and physical structures flashes in our mind when we hear the word ‘Architecture’. It has a lot of categories to fit the lifestyle of people in a particular place at a particular time.  If we go deep into the architecture, then most of the interior designers in Bangalore describe basically two types of architecture which are Modern Architecture and Traditional Architecture. And it also plays important role in interior designing.

So what is the difference in Modern Architecture and Traditional Architecture? Well, when we talk about the word ‘modern’, it provokes some strong reactions in the world of residential architecture. Some may imagine wonderful homes of steel and glass with open, flowing floor plans. And others may imagine sterile home which feels like museum. Whereas traditional architecture categorizes a method of construction which uses immediate available sources addressing immediate needs. Traditional architecture has been limited to the materials available like timber, stone and cast iron.

Traditional Architecture

traditional architectureThe styles that were popular to a region or area are considered in traditional architecture. As the name indicates traditional architecture includes a commitment of maintaining a link to the past styles of building, reuse of materials or designing homes to stay consistent to with the overall building design of the area creating a continuity and connection to the past. This helps the area to maintain its traditional look and its feel for the residents of the community.

  • Traditional architecture or traditional style homes have more character as they are more romantic and family oriented. It is very easy to personalize your home as the design process is flexible.
  • You can build your dream home at affordable price range. When compared to modern architecture it is cost efficient that ensue from design time and materials.
  • Designing a home that is keeping with the character and form of the houses in the area is extremely important. Traditional architecture allows houses to build for such a timeless aesthetic.
  • Over concrete and asphalt, you get the benefits of using natural materials such as brick and cedar wood. Also generally local and natural materials are more reliable and durable and lend to a higher level of detail and craftsmanship.

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Modern Architecture

modern architectureModern architecture is a conscious effort to move away from the designs of the past and create something entirely new. They present a unique, creative, beautiful, yet functional and practical solution.  Modern architecture gives you a ton of benefits which you simply don’t get with more traditional architectural styles. This approach emphasises the use of innovative ideas and a forward thinking attitude.

  • Modern architecture makes use of both curved and straight lines in order to make the best use of available space. This allows you to set out your home in the way you want making living space extremely versatile.
  • Modern architecture uses technologically advanced materials rather than traditional wood and plaster. Materials like iron, concrete, steel and glass is used minimizing carbon footprint.
  • Modern architecture provides a numerous large windows in the form of window walls, uncommon positioning, skylights or panoramic windows. Also you will have a lot of options to design your interiors because of the space you get, There are a lot of Residential interior designers in Bangalore who may help you to design your interiors with a modern touch.
  • This gives a stunning design and remarkable views and a lot of natural lighting. Also you can make use of passive solar heating which may help in keeping your fuel bills lower. And you can think of a way to maintain your privacy if you are building in a populated area, but a good architect will take all those things into account.

These are some of the benefits of both modern and traditional architecture. The advantage of traditional architecture over modern is that the construction materials are cheap and easily available and relatively less labor is required. But Modern architecture requires less structural material which leaves a lot more of the exterior surface available for windows and in turn less structure leaves more room in the interiors. Also compared to modern design, traditional architecture were limited in height due to structural constraints.

So considering all this into account, Modern architecture slightly has an upper hand in terms of designing. Also traditional architecture can’t guaranty the roof isn’t going to leak or the windows properly sealed. However, the minimal difference between modern architecture and traditional architecture is that Modern architecture explores mainly with the interior features whereas traditional architecture is mainly worked on the exterior features. So, thinking to design your home interiors? Urban living being one of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore give your dream home an innovative look and feel with a timeless interior design solutions. You can go through our portfolio @ www.urbanlivingdesigns.in

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