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All white kitchens are beautiful, but is it right for your home? Here are 6 reasons to go for a white Kitchen

The kitchen of any home is its heart because that’s where food cherishes its purpose!  Kitchens stand as a testament for the family, for nourishment and nurturing what’s good. For a room that important, it deserves a thoughtful decor. Amongst modern styles of decor, kitchens done up in white have become somewhat of a trend. Here’s what makes white kitchens so popular amongst homeowners:

White looks clean:

White objects make everything look immaculate and sanitary. When it comes to kitchens, a white theme makes it look hygienic, clean and pristine as long as it is kept properly. It also gives the room a slightly open feel. It makes the kitchen feel like a nice place to be together as a family.

A Sense of Space:

White is a bright colour and as such, adds to the sense of space of a room. This is especially useful for small kitchen spaces. White cabinets and other elements tend to look less bulky and make the kitchen deceptively spacious. It’s not that it can magically increase space in the room, but if one looks into a small kitchen with darker colours, and looks at the same kitchen with a white theme, space does seem to look more when white is involved.

Amazing As a Background:

White is the great unifying colour when it comes to making colours and textures pop. With white as a theme, any solid colour anywhere in the room will pop! A black rack for hanging pots and pans will stand out. A blue base will too. Even light green curtains will go perfectly well. And what’s more? All these can stay in the same room with the white to bind them all! In that way, you can have several textures in the same space too if you have significant white elements to bind them all together.

Always Classic:

White as a theme has been timeless. With the right elements to go with it, a white kitchen can look elegantly modern and futuristic. Either way, it’s a classic colour that can never go wrong in any style. In fact, chances are, the white is what brings out the best in your kitchen no matter what design philosophy you go with.

Easy to Maintain:

When you go for a very specific colour shade and a very particular pattern, in the case of repair and replacement, replicating the original work might prove a challenge. The deal with white things is that they are easily replaceable in that manner. Finding that same exact shade of paint when you do some repair and need to cover up the affected area can be difficult with other colours but not so much with white.

Instant Indicator of Cleanliness:

There is no colour better than white to spot stains against. Even the smallest spots and stains become noticeable, thus making it really easy to find the dirty areas and clean them. It’s a dream for the clean freak in us. Also, no colour is as satisfying to clean as white! Because when you are done, you can actually see the results!

For lovers of luxury and understated sophistication, re decor your kitchen in whites and show off your culinary skills in style.

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