Best Home Decor Trends & Interior Design 2020

Best Home Decor Trends & Interior Design 2020 1Interior designing is an art through which one can achieve a better and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. Like fashion, interior design and home décor trends also keep changing every now and then. And, people are following these latest interior decor trends every year which is clearly noticeable in the technologically-thriving city of Bangalore. Who doesn’t want to make their home or apartment look fashionable and appealing? 

What’s Trending For Interior Design 2020

Right from contemporary design furniture to beautiful lighting fixtures, textures, colours and decor pieces or wall arts, the way you furnish and adorn your interior says a lot about you and how aware you are of changing home decor trends. At the same time, your home must be comfortable and functional. So, whether you are jazzing up your new home or revamping an old one, here are some amazing tips on the latest trends for Interior Design 2020 from the best interior designers in Bangalore to get you started.

How to choose colors?

Colors play a significant role in defining the personality of any interior or room, and create different moods as well. Hence, if you want a sophisticated ambiance, soft pastel blue, dusty blue, blush pink, sage, or pastel peach will be great options. Jewel tones, teal, fuchsia and bright greens are also favorites this year with interior designers. Bangalore also has many homes where different colors are used in different rooms or areas to demarcate them based on their purpose. For instance, while soft hues are used in living rooms, darker tones are preferred in kitchens and kids’ rooms. Even black is trending right now for those who love a mysterious or gothic ambiance. Navy blue is a wise choice if you want something neutral yet chic to go with everything.

What materials are in?

The best interior designers in Bangalore like Urban Living Designs suggest materials as per your budget. After all, not everyone can afford real wood or superior marble for flooring, cladding or furniture. But faux wood, engineered quartz instead of Carrara marble and manufactured gray floors are very stylish and pocket-friendly options to go for this year. You can use faux wooden beams on your ceiling too for a warm rustic look in your living room or bedroom. Plus, these materials are easier to maintain than natural ones and are versatile. Plywood and reclaimed wood are other materials you can consider.

Creating the right mood

Though minimalism was very popular last year, according to interior designers in Bangalore, moody décor is more in vogue now. Homeowners are increasingly shifting towards dark walls, luxurious faux leather furniture and bold prints in jewel tones. For instance, for your study room, you can pick dark and smooth grey walls, luxurious brown leather couches and a bold colorful carpet in ruby red, dark green or burnt orange. Antique décor pieces in the form of candle stands and clocks and lamps are making a comeback as well.

How to pick furniture?

Plush and rounded furniture are very popular this year, according to the best interior designers in Bangalore. Smooth, rounded edges and a lack of sharp corners are what most people want for the sake of safety. And such furniture pieces can look very fashionable, like a large heavily cushioned couch with no exposed hard surface. Soft cushions, faux fur rugs and soft throws are trending as well, since more and more homeowners want homes they will love to live in. According to interior designers, Bangalore has seen a sharp rise in homes with soft finishes unlike the sharp edgy and minimalistic furniture last year.

Mixing patterns and prints

As per famous interior designers in Bangalore like Urban Living Designs, mixing different patterns is a major trend these days. Whether it is your bedroom or living room, feel free to mix patterns like paisley, polka dots, plaid, Aztec prints or floral the right way. For instance, if you have a minimalistic bedroom otherwise, pair cushions with abstract prints with a paisley bedcover for a warm and rich feel. Choose prints in bright colors like yellow, sky blue, pink, purple and so on. You can also pair polka dotted bed linen with a bright rug with checks for a unique décor statement.

Textures are everything

Soft textiles with textured surfaces are a rage among style-conscious homeowners, according to apartment interior designers in Bangalore. Chesterfield sofas are making a big comeback as a result, as they not only look grand, but also excite your senses with their tufted backs. You can choose one in a rich brown, tan, grey or even salmon pink for your living room. Textiles like velvet, soft cotton and premium suede are in vogue and big folds or pleats are textures that people want in them. A unique way to furnish any room in 2020 would be to mix different textures like leather, fur, velvet and cotton, as per interior designers in Bangalore. These can be paired with both wood and wrought iron furniture for a luxurious setting.

Popular space-saving ideas

As more and more homes are becoming smaller, the need for space-saving furniture is increasingly being felt this year. Foldable furniture are hence a must have, according to the best interior designers in Bangalore. Sofa-cum-beds are no news these days. But beds which fold right up against the wall when not needed are. They can save you a ton of space and only open up during sleeping or when guests come over. Bunk beds in nursery, foldable wall-mounted study desks, kitchen islands with inbuilt shelves and cabinets, wall shelves, foldable dining tables and living room ottomans with inbuilt storage are all cool and trendy ideas to save space and yet be comfortable. Bunk beds in kids’ room are more necessary than ever. Even if you have one child, you can customize a design with a bunk bed above and study station under it. The famous interior designers in Bangalore advice you to make maximum use of vertical space, so that you have ample floor area for moving around.

Focus on ceilings

While everyone is aware of various ways to adorn the walls, ceiling décor is being emphasized in 2020 by the interior designers in Bangalore. This fifth wall is often overlooked but can be jazzed up with beautiful paint, textured wallpaper or sleek wooden beams. It will add depth to the entire room and look unique.

Say yes to matte black fixtures

Shiny metal finishing is out this year, be it for the faucets in your bathroom and kitchen or light fixtures. As noted by the best interior designers, Bangalore homes are choosing matte black finishes for all fixtures nowadays. These look elegant, bold and not too flashy. Choose simple and modern designs in fixtures, to highlight this black finishing the most.

How to deck outdoor areas?

The apartment interior designers in Bangalore like Urban Living Designs suggest that you pay as much attention to your terrace or balcony as your interior. This way, you can integrate the indoors and outdoors aesthetically. Buy sturdy and long-lasting patio furniture for your outdoor area and use throws and soft cushions for a relaxing mood. Indoor greens in pretty colorful pots and lanterns or candles can also add to the ambiance and make it refreshing.

Living room trends

  • Embrace eclectic style décor by combining apparently different pieces together, as suggested by the best interior designers in Bangalore. Pair trendy furniture with a large Belgian mirror, brass candle stands, wooden coffee table and marble vases for instance to create a unique setting. Using only similar furniture is no longer in.
  • Say yes to geometric patterns on wall claddings, cushions and rugs for an exciting look.
  • Earthy and natural designs and décor are very much in trend. For this, you can either bring home some stylish wooden furniture or clad an entire wall with stone or wood. According to interior designers, Bangalore homes are also choosing exposed beams on the ceiling.
  • Opt for wainscoting if you want a luxurious look in your living room. White wainscoting paired with dark grey, powder blue or pale peach walls will look very classy.

Dining room trends

  • Oval dining tables are in vogue according to the interior designers in Bangalore, as they look less harsh than traditional rectangular ones. A sleek wooden oval dining table surrounded by trendy beige chairs can look very elegant for example.
  • Quirky or innovative lighting over the dining table is a great idea too, to start conversations during mealtimes.
  • A single large painting or wall art can lend personality to your dining space and brighten up a neutral surrounding.
  • Nature-based murals are also very in, as per the apartment interior designers in Bangalore. They can brighten up the dining room and will go well with wooden furniture.
  • Period furniture along with grand chandeliers is also making a comeback in dining rooms of big houses.
    Customization is hot now, be it for dining chairs or light fixtures.
  • Fresh flowers or terrariums are popular now, as they lend freshness.

Kitchen trends

  • Interior designers in Bangalore suggest quartz countertops, as quartz will be more budget-friendly than marble but elegant too, as it is a natural stone.
  • Industrial design style in kitchens is very popular this year, and can be achieved by combining exposed bricks with a wooden island, smooth concrete floor and minimalistic fixtures. The lighting and cabinets should be ultramodern and sleek.
  • Handle-less drawers and cabinets are very much in these days, as they contribute to a neat look in the kitchen. Glossy finishing and natural colors are popular as well.
  • The best interior designers in Bangalore advice homeowners to install smart storage solutions in the kitchen. Inbuilt cabinets and cabinet doors with shelves attached on the inside are cool ideas.
  • Modern appliances in matt finish steel are trending this year, as they are extremely functional and look sophisticated too.

Bedroom trends

  • Beautiful wallpapers can set the tone for relaxation and romance in bedrooms, as the interior designers in Bangalore say. If your furniture is in neutral hues, choose bright and printed wallpaper for contrast.
  • For a fun look, you can pick vases or cushions in neon colors. Or the cushions can have fun motifs on them. Vibrant artworks and framed posters are a great idea as well.
  • The best interior designers in Bangalore often suggest customized headboards to help bedrooms stand out. It might cost you less than readymade ones too!
  • Soft textiles are very much in this year, with soft cottons, natural fibers and silk ruling the roost.
  • Gold finish lamps and nightstands are making a major comeback, especially for those who want a hint of luxury in their bedrooms.

Bathroom trends

  • Freestanding tubs are very in now, as they look luxurious and dreamy.
  • Smooth minimalistic cabinets are popular in bathrooms, with sleek or no handles.
  • Interior designers in Bangalore suggest dedicated vanities with double sinks for an opulent ambiance, and a makeup station in between the basins can be an added luxury. A small stool stashed away under the vanity can make your morning routine so much easier.
  • Patterned tiles with Mediterranean or Moroccan motifs or geometric ones can lend oodles of pizzazz to your bathroom. Pick them for the floor of your bathroom and keep wall tiles simple.
  • Dark mysterious walls like in dark grey or dark blue or bottle green can make even a small bathroom exceptional, according to best interior designers. Bangalore boasts of modern homes where dark bathrooms are decked with jute rugs and wood-framed mirrors for a classy look.
  • Unique light fixtures, round mirrors and bold printed rugs are other trendy ways to make your bathroom special this year.

Whether you are decking your new home or refurbishing your old one, always keep an eye out for new ideas. Check out interior design magazines and make a list of interior designers in Bangalore for further guidance. Companies like Urban Living Designs can create a comfy and fashionable home for you efficiently.

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