Complement Your Walls with Bright Bedding Sets and Duvet Cover Ideas

Complement Your Walls with Bright Bedding Sets and Duvet Cover Ideas 1

Everyone has a favorite corner in their home, and it’s almost always the bedroom. A bedroom is a retreat where you unwind and relax after a busy day. So when it comes to making your home a treat for the eyes, what’s a better place to start than the bedroom! Make your sanctuary a playground for your imagination. Even the right furnishings can add oodles of character to your favorite room. So here are some great ideas for choosing bedding sets and duvet covers to brighten up your cozy corner while complementing your wall color. Whether you’re doing or re-doing your home interiors, you can use these ideas adopted by leading interior designers in Bangalore to spruce up your bedroom in no time. 


Create A Blissful Contrast for Muted Wall Colors

In a bedroom, the first thing that anyone notices is the bedding, including the bedsheet and the duvet or comforter. The bedding can easily look out of place if you don’t put much thought into matching it with the color of the walls. Neutrals, such as beige, white, and gray, are the common colors on bedroom walls. Although neutral walls are classic, they tend to get boring after some time. To keep them interesting all year round and bring a nice contrast to your bedroom, add a burst of color with bright colored bedding. Play with colors, mix and match if you like. For example, you can throw in a retro duvet cover on top of a sizzling red bedspread. Or how about going all blue? A royal blue or purple bedding set can make your bedroom look like one from your dreams!


Give Your Colorful Room an Extra Pop of Color with Matching Bedding

You can never go wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. Among the many colorful modern bedding options available nowadays, you’ll definitely find a match for your walls. However, if your walls are a dark shade of a rich color, such as red, blue, green, etc., choose bedding of a lighter shade of the same color. The different hues of the same color add a sense of depth to the room without being overwhelming. If your walls feature a very light shade, say white or beige, you can choose a comforter in the same color but with colorful pinstripes or wavy patterns on it. They’re neither completely matching nor contrasting but will harmonize with the straight lines of your walls and furniture and offer a clean and contemporary look. 


Match the Accent Wall and Make It Eccentric

Accent walls are usually the most colorful walls in any home. Even if rest of the color scheme in your home is neutral, you can take inspiration from your accent wall to brighten up your room. Find rich and vibrantly colored duvets or colorful bedding sets that match your paint. They will become the focal point of the room and add texture and color to your favorite space. Classic vintage bedding is also a great option to complement a room with a brightly colored accent wall.


Go Bold and Play with Pattern and Color 

Lively, bright colorful bedding is the best way to introduce color into your bedroom. Add some patterns and you have a winner. While solid-color duvet covers and bedding creates a serene mood, patterns make it more lively. A dominant hue, such as blue, accented with a bright shade of orange or yellow is a classic example or color pairing. Now add patterns like dots, checks, waves, or circles with a black outline on this bright color combination. Isn’t it great? Tuck this colorful bedding behind the rails of your bed, and you have a neat, uncluttered room that’s ever so cozy and welcoming.


While your wall colors can’t change every season, your bedding can. So choose textures and colors to reflect the season as they complement your walls. Whether you want to indulge in premium luxury bedding or make the best of a bedding sale clearance, keep the color scheme in mind before making a purchase. Want to go to the next level of chic when it comes to home interior design? Or is it time for a home makeover? Look for bedding sets with matching curtain ideas. Here you’ll find everything you need to make your home irrestibly inviting.

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