Enchanting Wall Art and Décor for Kid’s Room

Enchanting Wall Art and Décor for Kid’s Room 1

Is your kid’s room looking a little less inspiring? Then it’s time for you to create a space that they will love as much as you will. So let’s begin and allow the personalities of our loved ones shine a little. 

Children’s rooms are where fond memories grow. When designing a kid’s room give special attention to their interest and choices. There are several cartoon characters, stories and themes that can be considered while designing a room. Children’s wall art prints and designs play an important role in the overall look and feel of the child’s room.

Selecting the right wall art mostly does the trick. Wall art can make your simple looking room look over-the-top. Hence you should spend considerable amount of time in selecting the right design for you. Be it cartoon characters from Disney or alphabets or some story theme, exert lots of efforts in their selection to add vibrancy and life to the room. Depending upon the interest of your kid and the size of the room you can simply hire an interior designer in Bangalore to either draw, paint or create a canvas wall art for kids’ room. A professional will help you create a beautiful artwork within your budget and time. 

Your kids are going to spend a lot of their time in their room. Hence, ensure that wall decor is inspirational and helps them energise their mind. You can even put painted canvas or framed pictures for children’s bedrooms. Any of these can be easily hung on the wall and can be chosen wisely to match the style and décor of the room.

Things to remember

You can easily find kids wall art idea on the internet. There are several sites that specialize in kid’s wall art providing hundreds of suggestions. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you kick start this project. First and the foremost is the complete measurement of the wall on which you are planning to get the wall art done. Secondly, choose a wall closer to the window. This will prevent your kids from unnecessary paint fumes. Third is the texture of the wall if, you are planning to go for a playroom wall decals, as certain textures can lead to peeling or bubbling of decals.

Theme and colour

When choosing a theme, avoid selecting a scary theme. Maybe you kid loves scary movies, but the room wall should adorn positive artwork, resulting in positive and peaceful vibes. Experiment with colours and do ask your kid about their colour preference. It’s absolutely fine to use 2 or 3 or even more colours, after all you are designing your kid’s room. It has to be the most colourful space in your house.

Additional items

Apart from doing the wall you can also make a corner for their toys, add some cool lampshades maybe in the shape of animals or flowers. Adding a bean bag is also a good idea. You can even be innovative when it comes to their bed design, instead of the Standard Square or rectangular shape you can opt for a car or a princess design bed. Adding canopies and stuff toys in the room is also a good idea. 

A professional help from an interior designer will be a right choice as they not only have ample ideas, but have a complete know-how on how to create a perfect dream room for your loved ones.

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