How to Give your House a new look on a low budget

How to Give your House a new look on a low budget 1

Urban living designs understands the art and science of enhancing the interior of your homes to accomplish a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. We have been planning, researching, coordinating, and managing such projects from almost half a decade. Our elite and privileged clients believed in our work as we crafted their spaces that anticipated their needs and we appealed to their emotions while designing their homes and spaces. Our knowledge and technical knowhow of space planning, sustainability, and much more has gained us many lauds and acclaims in the form of testimonials from various clients. 

Most people are always on the move and some believe in constant change and variations. Whether it’s the nifty Ideas for your family room, or conjuring domestic bliss with attractive furniture pieces, alluring mix of bespoke and vintage items set against a striking backdrop, you name it and we will customize it according to your taste. 


We clutter our homes with unnecessary pieces of furniture which perhaps were bought due to compulsive shopping or it just fitted into the space somehow at that point of time. The effort that goes in finding the right clutterbugs, discarding them and bringing in new furniture takes a toll on our time and energy. 

Our décor service brings in consolidation of colors and lighting which will accentuate and give prominence to the space and setup. 

Color coordinates are incorporated to create illumination within the parameters of the space.  Unique decor that is both elegant and inviting as each room in your home has a different purpose to serve and having a different color scheme will draw attention to the space. For example, a brilliant orange in the kids’ playroom will not be appropriate in the master bath. A style or scheme in your room or house determines what colors should be applied to your living spaces. We strongly believe that perceptions of color are linked to our emotions and experiences.  We empower and welcome you to be a part of the color selection process as it determines what YOU love. .


Whether it’s the cool bachelor pad ideas that make the most of the single life, as more and more single men are proving that living solo doesn’t mean forsaking a stylish home, A man or woman cave, family lounge, home offices, you name it and we cater to all of it and much more. We take care of the intricate details that complete the décor like the shades, tints, tones or highlights inspired by the stars the cosmos etc. Also gorgeous, lush velvet soft furnishings, floor rugs, giving you much needed comfort. 

The trick is to individualize a progression that appeals to you, and less is more when it comes to the best interior styles

Get in touch with us for our additional Décor Service along with brilliant customized modular furniture finish.

In order to complement our decor advice /work and when customers are on tight budgets or are on the move every  year or prefer specific furniture like dining tables, sofas etc which we do not provide, then our customers can rent out from Companies like ‘CityFurnish’ who are also dexterous and ingenious in their own field. They are proficient in the furniture rental business and have transformed the furniture industry by providing and delivering quality furniture and home appliances on easy monthly rental. 


In conclusion we would like to say that we believe that one size doesn’t fit all and we are the one stop shop for all your home décor and lighting and much more with unique and customized variations as our prime focus is décor and furnshing.  

A word of advice, stay true to yourself and only embrace trends you authentically love.






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