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Interior Designer and Decorators in Bangalore

How to use pink for home decor!

There are various interior designers and decorators in Bangalore like Urban Living who have been bringing out some interesting ways to incorporate pink in home interiors. Pink is a beautiful girlish hue that resonates with Feminism. Think of the color pink and you think of Barbie’s and girlie girls. However, as the times are changing, this color is also getting a new definition; it is no longer just a teensy tint. It is finding favor with a diverse set be it the fashion industry, or the latest hair color trend or the home interior design or decorations. It is being infused in a number of unconventional ways in interior designs that was once hard to picture. Trends forecasters have predicted that pink will be the hottest color for the latest interior design and decoration ideas. Interior design and decoration experts in Bangalore are hell bent on adding a new spin to this color. This rosier hue is now just not limited to your little girl room but it has paved its way into your living rooms. The interior decorators and designers in Bangalore like Urban Living are coming out with various color schemes for this color. Carpets, ceiling, furniture all are getting a surge of pink power. Pinkish tones add an air of sophistication and serenity to any home interior design and decoration.

Interior Designer and Decorators in Bangalore

Pink brings in an emotional and spiritual connect to your homes so here are some of the best combinations that you can try out to revamp your space:

1.) Mint Green and pale pink: This color combination brings in a new air of freshness. A pop of pink color can help to sweeten all the neutral and muted colors like greys, beige, and blues that are a trend at present. These colors are quite dated and look a bit drab. Leading interior designers and decorators in Bangalore like Urban Living suggest a combination of Mint green with hints of pink can make your living room look from ordinary to special.

2.) Lime green and Pink: Green color comes with a variety of color variations. This combination will look both elegant and graceful. It can be the best fit for designing or decorating your entryway or foyer. According to some good interior designers and decorators in Bangalore, it is a welcoming combination and is sure to make fun-filled first impression.

3.) Gray and pink: Pink infused with gray shades is ideal for modern interior design and decorating ideas for both the genders. The reason as suggested by good interiors designers and decorators in Bangalore is that pink falls on a feminine graph while Gray adds to the masculine. From pink rugs to daring pink pops with gray furniture and walls can add a vibrant mood to the home interiors.

4.) Taupe with pink: Hot pink color coupled with taupe is visually stimulating without being too aggressive. The soothing taupe color balances down the brightness that pink brings in with it. They almost melt together giving an aesthetically pleasing ambience for your interiors.