Interior Designers in Bangalore

Interior Designers in Bangalore

More eco-friendly interior design tips for your home

While the latest trend in interior designs trend towards creating eco-friendly homes, the fact remains that consumers are increasingly aware of the current environmental issues and are striving to reduce their carbon footprint. And this trend seems to have spread to companies and top corporate offices as well – this is why the best interior design companies in Bangalore like UL have started offering eco-friendly interior designs for both homeowners and companies alike. You can check with various interior designers in Bangalore for competitive pricing on eco-friendly makeover for your home.

Interior designers in Bangalore

Here are a few additional eco-friendly design tips for your home

  • Energy – Any of the best interior design companies in Bangalore would tell you that the surefire method to reduce your carbon footprint is to opt for renewables, such as solar energy. Solar energy is a great alternative and it beats having to shell out each month for huge power bills. The solar energy is a self-sustaining method of producing electricity from the sun and with it, you should be able to cut down on those huge power bills. So check in with various interior designers in Bangalore for a good deal on solar panels.

  • Water – most of us tend to spend excess water watering our plants and given the current water shortage in Bangalore and other cities down south, it makes sense to include rainwater harvesting as part of your home. Some of the best interior design companies in Bangalore already provide you with rainwater harvesting feature as part of their eco-friendly makeover. But if the interior designers in Bangalore do not provide this, then request for one to be installed on your property.

  • Rugs – if you are planning to have a few rugs on the floor, then you may want to go for the organic variant as opposed to those that are not. While most rugs are made from natural materials such wool and other fibers, the issue is that toxins are often used when preparing these rugs. You can consult with the best interior design companies in Bangalore for suggestions and try hemp, straw and other materials. Additionally, you can check in with the interior decorators in Bangalore for more natural color based products that can be used as a drug.

  • Mattresses – Most of the interior design retail companies in Bangalore will provide you with mattresses filed with naturally occurring materials. The mattresses would either be using coir or straw or any other material as filling and it should be quite comfortable. You can also check in with your top interior designers in Bangalore for other naturally occurring materials that can be utilized to fill in the mattress

These are some of the other eco-friendly tips and suggestions and you should soon be able to have that perfect home while at the same time ensuring that you have reduced your carbon footprint. And remember, to use a lot of indoor plants as they can make your room breathe and smell fresh, while being free of toxins.