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There’s a strong connection between office surroundings and business success. A well-designed office space works by motivating the staff, appeal to and hire skilled employees, which improves your working efficiency and helps in producing delighted clients. We follow most of the office design standards prevalent for office interior designing services in Bangalore.


First, we begin with the brief- about the objectives that we seek to achieve vis-a-vis the office requirements. Whether we want a vibrant environment to go with the youth-full image of the brand or a relaxed atmosphere of a strong and vintage brand.

Office Interior Designing Company works in a ‘questioning’ and ‘listening’ mode as we discuss the progressive effect which the design seeks to achieve in the new working atmosphere. For this process, we often need to include the requirements with key points like increase staff throughput and increase customer awareness of your company.


In the second stage, Site Survey and Company Dynamics Analysis the designer tries to visualize the site of new office space so they can ‘see’ for themselves what they intend to achieve. It helps to convey and communicate a strong image of your office and brand.

It involves:
- What size is the office space (Sqft)?
- For what purpose you will be using your office space?
- How many employees (OR) need to fill your office for both now and in the future?
- For which kind of departments you need to design and how will they interact with each other?
- Does your company need special attention to any specific requirements for your office space? like disability friendliness etc

In addition to that, we also need to get a strong understandings of how your business works, departments interrelate with each other and also understand the duration spent on different activities. The requirements for your various departments will influence in planning the office space better.


Next comes office space planning. This phase of design seeks to understand the challenges in maximising space utilization, facilities and other types of equipment. We bring skilled office design contractors to build and adapt the new office space to match the best requirements of your company.


Next stage is the Office Layout Visualisation - the phase where-in the office designers meets the client and presents a “visualisation” of the future office interior design concept. Perhaps it may be your first opportunity of getting to see what could the new office space looks like. Does it match and reach your expectation? Does it satisfy your requirements? This is the phase where office design and fit-cost should need to be discussed. Can the office design concepts being discussed be delivered within your budgets?


Finally the Office Design Costs and Sign off phase - which specifies that you need to go through the costs of office design in detail to satisfy yourself. Once your office design budget has been approved office interior designs consultants can now begin the work of putting together the detailed drawings, specifications, cost, and timings. Remember to have clarity on agreed completion date and schedule in regular meeting updates where progress can be reviewed against the office plan.

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