Residential Interior designers in Bangalore

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Residential Interior designers in Bangalore

We live in the fast paced society where we need everything to be served like a fast food. Always customers need to understand that anything which is cheaper, anything that’s faster would be the bad idea in interior designing. Being in this industry from past many decades we have understood that quality designing takes time.

 residential interior designers in Bangalore

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Residential Interior designers

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It’s a thought process and requires skills to develop and execute on the projects. We follow the below processes in offering effective Residential Interior Designing Services. We first start the process by getting to know client and try to get their expectations and we make a perfect plan on expectations and try to map them into reality. By completing the first process next is space planning which regulates the range with service flow along with the furnishing need to be done respectively. We take care of perfectly planning the space whether its small or large area we are passionate in working on custom designing and planning the space efficiently based on customer expectations. After client agrees to give full contract for the Urban Living, Best interior designers in Bangalore ; we begin to design your home by first, taking the measurements for a specific room one by one. In advance before initializing the work to design a specific room, they take a small paper and mark how the design and layouts will be formed to client. Then, we begin in work by adding cut-out shapes of your furniture with the ultimate positioning in the room also staying how people will move around the room sequentially. Next stage, identify the best natural lighting with the source of your room it can be either from doors or windows also by deciding where to place an additional artificial lighting. Following above two stages next, choose what to plan your design around signifies the item which stimulates your choice to décor for a specific room by selecting objects like furniture, floor coverings, etc. After completing above three steps, next is decide on colours which specify what shades you want to use in each room. Your limit is preferred up to 3 colours then you can trial with the different colour schemes by using variations and become accustomed to them.

As resulting to previous stage, we gather a colour patchwork specifies your colour ways of material which helps to project you for the future interior. At subsequent stage, Start with the walls represents the main source of colour for your specific room, if you chose as wallpaper (OR) paint if not you leave them in neutral tones to highlight colours being used anywhere else. If you are wishing your room look seem to be larger, then we add brighter colour (OR) clear colours and contrast to wall with ceilings for a specific room. Thereafter, we consider the floor which determines the patchwork material you want to cover to your floor and which suits a floor colour that contrasts the wall colours. We also think, how the natural colour will reflect on the floor which gives quite different effects.

After that we go with Position your furniture, describes the overlook of living room at respective positions and we add finishing touches by keeping colour balance without cluttering the shapes and using decorating the objects. Afterward, prioritise your artificial lighting which is an important concept of interior design by giving shaping the spaces in the room and gives a special atmosphere during evening time. Last but before, we incline visually to the concept of hanging lights which norms the room always looks to be narrow and it is considered as a good option are spotlight in the ceiling also we offer a soft and more directive lighting. At Last, we adapt a style called; own your style which defines by experimenting and observing at the things from a typical point of view. Urban Living is one of the Interior Designers in Bangalore under Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore. The web is a great source of pictorial resources with the qualities of professional photographers and for interior designers: have a look around and get inspired.

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We built and executed home interiors taking quality seriously in all our interior projects. From magnificent ceilings, magnificent wardrobes to luxurious sofas our team of craftsmen and supervisors have transformed our client’s dreams into reality.

 residential interior designers in Bangalore