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We provide unique interior design solutions within budgets. We always listen to the needs of the clients and transform their vision to reality

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Unique designs

Our Interior designers always come up with new design schemes making the field more enriched. We create unique interior designs for your dream home which are innovative and trendy.

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From designing a perfect space to finishing the project, we ensure hassle free and satisfactory experience to our clients.

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Being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, Urban Living still helps you in designing your dream home with in affordable price range.

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We always make sure that we complete your work within the estimated time. We have built a stable relationship with a happy clients on basis of time line completion.

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We are specialized in various interior design cum executions that are global in quality. We transform space into living concepts with our innovative design that creates a long lasting impressions.



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Your home describes your lifestyle. Urban living has a range of attractive interior design solutions which makes you fall in love with your home.



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Have an appreciation of beauty and ensure maximum space utilization with Urban Living. Design your office work space with the latest trends.


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Modular kitchen Interior Design

Our team are experts in designing wide range of kitchen designs that you can’t reject. Get your kitchen space a makeover in least amount of time.


" I have started to love my home more! Thank you for such a beautiful transformation. It exceeds my expectations; you raised the bar! Looking forward to more projects together."

Interior Designers In Bangalore


"Urban Living turned my house into a home. It's beyond imagination. We love it!"

Best Interior Designers In Bangalore


"Urban living solutions was referred to me by a friend and they have done a decent job in doing up interiors for my new house. The place where they can improve is around designing as the people I interacted with for the designs where not very forthcoming and expected me to provide designs. Overall I would say I am satisfied with the service and workmanship."

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"I leveraged their services for my apartment at Whitefields, Bangalore. As I live in Hyderabad, I wanted peace of mind by ensuring someone does the job on time, without follow up and with good quality. They exactly provided that. Work was done on time, within agreed budget and without any follow up. If you need interior work for your home, I surely recommend to connect with Urban Living Solutions."

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"I have approached Urban living solutions to do my 4 BHK interior work and they have completed my work as per the required time and i am happy with their work and the quality and the finish is fantastic. I prefer Urban living to do the further work."

Interior Designers In Bangalore


"Mr. Utpal and team ensure that our first new home was transformed into a dream house. Right from designing phase till the handover, his team ensured that everything was perfectly coordinated and very well executed. Will strongly recommend them and wish them luck on their projects."

Best Interior Designers In Bangalore


"Their design skills are exceptional. They take work very seriously and enhance your space! I give them my highest recommendation!"

Best Interior Designers Bangalore


"I used the firm for re- modelling and they did a very professional work"

Interior Designers Bangalore

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Urban space management - How modern apartment spaces can be best utilized by ergonomic & smart designs of interiors

When done right, the use ergonomics to improve space utilization in an apartment can lead to a happier and healthier individual. Let us face it, an apartment for most people today is just a secure place for their personal effects and a place to unwind for a few hours each day. Urban spaces are no doubt becoming smaller as populations increase and the cost of property rises. The majority of the people who have incorporated ergonomic techniques into living spaces did so in reaction to their individual circumstances. To reap maximum reward from ergonomics, however, it is important to consider these aspects at the interiors design stage. Affordability, social status, and personal aesthetics are some of the factors that influence home designs. One critical but often ignored aspect of ergonomics is functionality which focuses not only on the appearance of furniture but also on comfort and safety of those interacting with the various pieces. The following are tips to incorporating ergonomics into a living space; Support for your feet when seated When seated on a chair at the end of a long day, it may appear natural to slouch on the seat. High chairs owing to the fact that the feet lack support from the bottom, cause an individual to lean forward. Both these postures are uncomfortable in the long run because they cause pain and unbalanced backbone.  Appropriate height for common gadgets TV stands and gadgets placed around the living room are built to a standard height. While it has been established that this common height is convenient for most people, the ideal height should take into consideration the user’s height and design of the seats. Ideally, watching a television set placed at eyes length offers greater relaxation. Furniture design in the living room for a lot of people means placing every piece of furniture in the middle of the room. This can be boring, to say the least not to mention the stress of moving from one side to another. A customized built-in wall cabinet that serves as both storage area and sitting space can scatter sitting space and reduce clutter.   Spacing of furniture Even before the first step of moving, the mind has already calculated the effort needed and time it will take. Having to travel fewer distances around furniture to access different parts of a room can help reduce stress. If enough distance is allowed between furniture and pieces that are both functions as well as aesthetic considered, it becomes easier to unwind and refresh after a long day at work or school. Just as everyone has individual preferences when it comes to the color scheme of their house, this same consideration should be applied when picking out items to use in an apartment. It is cool to have the latest pieces but more important is the ergonomic value of what you sit on, walk on, sleep on and even watch.

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Residential interior designers in Bangalore

What is the Difference between an Interior Designer & an Interior Decorator?

If you are all set to step into your brand new apartment or a renovated home, the first thing in your mind would be decking this home up in a manner that it turns head in the real sense. Once the construction or renovation related work is over, the next step involves interior designing or decorating and for this, you are required to consult the professional interior designers and decorators. Now, when you look for these professionals, you might often get confused as to whether to go for interior designers or decorators and the confusion arises from the fact that much of the work of both is largely similar. Yet, there is a subtle difference between what the interior designers in Bangalore do or what the decorators does. Realizing a few basic differences can help you finalize as to which one to hire for giving your home a completely new look.

Basis of Differentiating between a Designer & a Decorator

In spite of a lot of similarities in the work both does, there are some clear points of differentiation between interior designers and decorators. Let’s take a closer look at these:

Formal training

Interior designing requires formal training from specific schools. The courses equip them with knowledge of color and fabric, computer-aided design, drawing, space, planning, architecture and more. Interior designers are often required to apprentice with a senior designer before establishing themselves as independent professionals. Interior decorators, on the other hand, do not necessarily need a formal training because their work involves dealing with the surface look of the space and not into its structural or architectural intricacies.

The nature of work

Interior designers are good with spatial planning. Their primary aim is to design and renovate your interior and make it structurally more attractive as well as functional. Whether it is about drawing up the initial floor plans or adding a decorative edge to your room, interior designers in Bangalore are able to guide you the right way. The nature of the work done by Interior Decorators has to do more with the style, color, furniture designs and accessories of a home that is structurally already sorted. Decorators are basically hired to spice up and add the beauty quotient to an existing space that needs to be updated.

Work structure and collaboration

The way of doing the work and the nature of collaboration varies slightly for the interior designers and decorators. The designers are required to work in close correspondence with the architects and contractors to achieve the desired look of the property that is being designed. The decorators, on the other hand, starts work after the structural part is done and therefore, their work pattern requires them to collaborate more with the furniture makers, upholsterers and so on. Both interior designers and decorators are of immense help when it comes to giving your home or office an exclusive new look. The easiest way to choose between the two would be to go for the interior designers in Bangalore if your project involves structural work and hire the decorators if your home needs renovation mostly in terms of its surface look.

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Residential interior designers in Bangalore

Interior design trends prediction for 2018- 4 'IN' things this year

The New Year is here and the year is almost 1 month into its adulthood. And with a whole new year, there is going to be so many trends, innovations and advancements in each and every sphere. Now, among the fields that usually undergo quick changes in trends, interior designing happens to be an important one. Over the last few years, interior designing has revolutionized the way home decoration has always been viewed. And all over the world, interior designers Bangalore included, have come up with newer design schemes and strategies, making the field all the more enriched. Now, if you are already wondering as to what is in store for 2018, here is a list of the 4 ‘in’ interior design things that are predicted to be dominating the year

1. Bold Colours for Lively Look

Interior designing trends of 2018 will welcome bold colours like never before. Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore are of the opinion that people are getting bored of the neutral shades that are classy but monotonous at the end of the day. So, accordingly, colours like dark red, vibrant blue, and green will be used to deck up homes and make them look vibrant. After all, a bright home will light up the lives of its inmates better. The neutral shades will not be completely gone but mostly restricted to the background areas and so on. And for homeowners who are not so comfortable with the really dark colours can start with rugs, pillows, cushion covers and sofas in bold colours just to get acquainted with this trend.

2. Aspirational Spaces to Stand Out

Now, that’s a very cool trend that has been predicted by several recognized global interior designers. Bangalore homes are warming up to the idea as well. Aspirational spaces refer to how the person/family wants to feel at home. The designing is based on this feeling which can be intimate, professional, cosy, relaxed or energized. It has been realized over time that the decor of a home has a lot to do in how a person feels while at home. If you speak to some of the best interior design companies in Bangalore, you will realize that the designers ask you to communicate your choices entirely based on your personality. So, home decor will no longer be done to impress friends and relatives but to echo your own mood and feelings.

3. Experiment with Wide-Plank Woods

In almost all spheres, especially art and creativity, old things tend to come back in a new shape. And the gradually rising trend of wide-plank woods proves that the interior designing field is no exception. The use of wide-plank woods will bring back the rustic and vintage charm that homeowners often look for. Instead of the set standards of width, random width installations will be preferred. This trend is already being practiced by some of the best interior designers in Bangalore who do it for clients with homes in exclusive locations and a taste for the old world.

4. Vintage Accessories and Antiques

In tune with the just mentioned trend of wide-plank wood, there will be an emerging trend of vintage accessories as well. The best thing about these accessories and antiques is that they always tell a story and easily become the centre of attraction in a home. A piece of vintage accessory wipes out every sign of the conventional and the boring and lights up a space immediately even with otherwise plain surroundings. However, this trend needs careful application and is therefore, better handled by the best interior design companies in Bangalore. For instance, if you want a collection of vintage accessories to be placed at different spots in your spacious living room, you have to make sure that all the accessories represent a certain era. Going for random collections that fail to represent a historical time or tell a story would totally undermine the importance of these unique pieces. The interior designing landscape is continuously undergoing a lot of changes allowing interior designers to come up with new design strategies every now and then. While these will be the top 4 trends or so called ‘in’ things in the field of designing, a lot more will surely come up with time. However, it is always advisable for you to consult a professional interior designer who can not only help you understand the trends but also guide you on what would be best-suited for your home. Because, after all, a beautiful home just the way you want it is the most precious possession ever.

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How Long Does the Interior Design Process Take?

Are you planning to hire an interior designer to plan up your new home perfectly but not sure of how long the process will take? Well, interior designing, indeed, is a time-consuming process though the exact time required to complete a project largely depends on the scope of it. The way of working for most interior designers in Bangalore is similar, which involves understanding the client’s requirements, visiting the site and then, presenting a design plan. It is only after the design concept is partially or entirely approved that the design process begins. If you consult some of the best interior designers in Bangalore, they will give a rough estimate of the time taken to complete your project and they will promise to fasten up the process when you have to get home a designed within a stipulated time. So, how long does the process actually take? Most interior designers in Bangalore consider the time in terms of design hours rather than days because a day might often be spent on simple collaboration or collection of resources. However, the design days give the right estimate of the actual time that is being devoted entirely on designing a space. Here is a basic guide to how long an interior design process can take?

Designing a Room

When we speak about designing a room, we consider the entire process starting from the planning stage right to the installation. This takes about a minimum of 12-15 days. The list of tasks include visiting the house, discussing ideas, taking photographs, measuring the areas, sketching the style ideas, looking out for resources and eventually narrowing down to the final stage. The last few days are usually spent on installation, arrangement and follow-ups.

Designing a Kitchen

Interior designing of your kitchen might surprisingly take longer than your bedroom or living room because a kitchen design involves a lot of space calculation, measurements and selection of the right cabinets and furniture. All this takes a minimum of 20-25 days for any of the best interior designers in Bangalore to complete a project. The important tasks in kitchen designing include conceptualizing layout ideas, selecting cabinetry, chalking out a lighting plan and so on. A bit of construction work is also often required in the whole kitchen designing process.

Designing a Bathroom

Interior designing for a bathroom generally takes less time because the area is restricted and there is no scope for installing furniture, apart from a simple cabinet or rack. So, it takes about 10 days to complete and much of the time during these 10 days is spent on selecting the plumbing parts that are usually needed to be attractive as well as functional. As already said, the duration of a designing process varies depending on the complexity of the project and the interior designers in Bangalore offer time estimates based on certain factors. However, the best interior designers in Bangalore will always pay heed to your time constraints and strive hard to bring the best-possible outcome for you in the least possible time.

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Residential interior designers in Bangalore

Interior Designer On A Budget – Can I Afford To Hire One?

A new home owner is always interested and at the same time, apprehensive of getting his/her new home or even commercial space decorated by the top interior designers in Bangalore. The apprehension is often the result of a generally accepted notion that interior designing is an expensive affair and that interior designers have very high fees. Well, there is no denying that you are required to shell out a considerable amount on professional interior designing but this does not mean that having a tight budget keeps you away from this service. If you look into a popular list of interior designers in Bangalore, you will come across many who offer affordable and yet immaculate design solutions. That being said, a low budget can certainly make it possible for you to hire a professional designer provided that you approach him/her the right way. So, if you are on a budget but eagerly look forward to getting your home decked up and planned by one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, here is list of tips and tactics to follow:

  • Do Your Homework Well

    A typical interior design process starts with a meeting between the designer and the prospective client. If you want to save a few bucks and time too, do your research well and present the designer with some details of colour, measurements, decorative items that you plan to put up. A well-done research will induce the designer to move on to the next step of planning on how to pull out the project together instead of spending time and money in gathering the resources.
  • Be Realistic

    To begin with, choose a designer with relatively affordable rates from the list of interior designers in Bangalore. A clear communication with your designer is of utmost importance. The interior designers in Bangalore are experienced in handling different types of clients and projects and they are aware of the fact that budgetary constraints will pose challenges in many cases. So, it is better to be upfront and make it clear as to how much you are planning to spend on the project. This will allow the designer to plan things accordingly. It is good to be realistic in your expectations because it is obvious that you cannot get the best of everything on a budget though you can get all that you are looking for.
  • Look for Discounts from Service-Providers

    If you can arrange for some furniture or other decorative items at a lower price than what the top interior designers in Bangalore will charge to gather them, you can go ahead. Look for discount options on bulk buying and so on to save some costs there. As long as the material is high-quality and choice able, any of the qualified interior designers in Bangalore will be ready to proceed with their work.
So, getting interior designing done on a budget by a reputed one from the list of interior designers in Bangalore is not a problem and you can certainly afford to hire one. Just make sure being a little extra cautious and stay more involved in your project. All the best!

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